Celebrating National Startup Day: Insights from PM Modi's Startup Address

Explore PM Modi's inspiring vision for startups in India, emphasising innovation and global impact, as the nation gears up for a century of independence.

Celebrating National Startup Day: Insights from PM Modi's Startup Address

Tuesday January 16, 2024,

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On the auspicious occasion of National Startup Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a stirring speech, illuminating the path for India's vibrant startup culture. This declaration, which was also mentioned by Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister of State for Entrepreneurship, on X.com

In 2022, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially declared 16 January as National Startup Day, emphasizing the importance of fostering entrepreneurship throughout the nation. This declaration marks a significant milestone for the Indian startup ecosystem, heralding a new era of opportunities and growth.

As India marches towards a century of independence, PM Modi in his speech emphasised the pivotal role of startups in sculpting a better India. He commended the Indian startup ecosystem for already establishing a global footprint, driven by unyielding passion, sincerity, and integrity.

The Strength and Resilience of Indian Startups

The premier highlighted the remarkable adaptability and continuous evolution of India's startup landscape. "The strength of India's startup ecosystem lies in its ability to continuously discover, improve, and enhance itself." This resilience, coupled with an eagerness to adapt and learn, is what sets Indian startups apart.

Startups: The Backbone of New India

PM Modi asserted that startups are the backbone of the new India, leading innovation domestically and internationally. He noted the phenomenal speed at which the Indian startup scene is growing: "Within just 8 or 10 days, a new startup emerges in India, becoming a unicorn." This is a testament to the intelligence and ambition of India's youth.

Beyond Business: A National Contribution

The Prime Minister stressed that the endeavors of Indian startups transcend individual gains. "Your hard work is not just for yourself but for the progress of India." He recognised how startups contribute to the nation's wealth and job creation, playing a crucial role in the overall development of the country.

National Startup Day, as envisioned by PM Modi and echoed by Rajeev Chandrasekhar, is not just a celebration of entrepreneurial spirit but a recognition of the pivotal role startups play in India's future. As India approaches a historic milestone, the energy, innovation, and integrity of its startups are indeed scripting a new chapter in the nation's saga of progress and prosperity.

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