Video marketing: 5 actionable tips for small businesses

Video fosters a deeper connection with your audience, and boosts your conversion rates by up to 86%. Here are 5 actionable video marketing strategies for small businesses.

Video marketing: 5 actionable tips for small businesses

Friday January 19, 2024,

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Forget static images and bland text. Today's digital world craves immersive experiences, emotional connections, and vibrant relatable stories. This is where video marketing, the new king of content, builds its significance for every small business striving to stand out.

But, why video?

People watch an average of 17 hours of online video per week, and 89% say video has convinced them to buy a product or service. That's right, nearly nine out of ten people are influenced by video content! 

Platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube are booming, offering micro-moments to capture attention and convert viewers.

Video fosters a deeper connection with your audience, and boosts your conversion rates by up to 86% showcasing your brand's personality and values in a way that text simply can't.

However, if you're curious about its cost, we'll show you how to create cost-effective compelling video content in 2024. Ready to join the video marketing revolution? Here are 5 actionable strategies to prove that even with a shoestring budget, you can optimise your brand engagement.

Video marketing for small businesses

Define your target audience

The very first step lies in understanding who you're targeting with your visual storytelling. Understanding your target audience's needs, preferences, and communication channels lays the foundation for impactful content that resonates and converts. Without this clear picture, your videos risk becoming misaligned, and failing to connect with viewers.

Here are some of the factors that you can consider–

  • Age, gender, location, income, etc.
  • Social media channels where they spend time online 
  • Passions and pursuits that define their lifestyle
  • Pain points and solutions they seek
  • Preferred video content formats 

Investing time and effort in identifying your target audience is not simply a preliminary step; it's the cornerstone of a successful video marketing strategy. Finding answers to these questions equips you with a data-driven understanding of your target audience. You'll no longer be crafting content in the dark, but instead, tailoring your content to resonate deeply with your target audience. 

Use storytelling to boost brand engagement

The modern consumer navigates a virtual world saturated with marketing messages, rendering traditional, product-centric advertising increasingly ineffective. Consequently, they gravitate towards brands that offer narrative resonance, connecting with them on an emotional level through impactful storytelling.

Videos when catalysed with storytelling weave excellent brand narratives. But, how can you strategically do so?

Shift the focus

Move beyond bland product promotion and prioritise sharing your brand's unique story, its values, and its personality.

Evoke emotions

Craft authentic content that evokes laughter, joy, or even a touch of melancholy. Remember, shared emotions bind us together.

Offer a glimpse of your world

Provide behind-the-scenes clips, introduce your team, or offer quick tutorials showcasing your expertise. Authenticity builds trust and genuine connection.

While you can sell your products later on, consider selling your stories and emotions first.

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Be clear with your message

While the allure of cramming every detail about your business into a single video might be tempting, restrain yourself from doing so. Overburdening viewers with information leaves your target audience overwhelmed, ultimately hindering your communication goals.

Instead, prioritise delivering a single, clear, and impactful message within each video. Focus on your brand USP–it can be exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, or a distinctive product offering. By honing in on this key differentiator, you ensure your message resonates and remains memorable.

You can also consider the motivational undercurrents influencing your video choices. Is it fueled by a special event, a cost-saving strategy, or genuine brand loyalty? Similarly, evaluate videos involving charitable support. These deeper inquiries contribute to strategic conversations and ultimately shape a cohesive, long-term narrative for your video content.

Make a strategic plan

While the immediacy of video might tempt you to grab a camera and start rolling, effective video marketing demands a well-defined plan. Rushing into content creation without analysing invites risks. Investing time in strategic planning, therefore, sets your video efforts on a path to success. 

Decide the type of video that best suits your brand. Factors like your niche, target audience, and established goals play a crucial role in this decision. Additionally, the intended platform for your video must be factored in: how can specific content add value to its surrounding context?

For example, a video embedded in a lead generation landing page should not only capture attention but also prompt viewers to leave their contact information. Consider popular video formats like educational tutorials, behind-the-scenes glimpses, interviews, explainers, testimonials, and customer stories. You may even find it strategic to mix and match formats based on your goals and platforms.

Remember, regardless of the chosen format, content should always resonate with your unique brand identity.

Once your content plan is in place, develop a script to guide your production process. Even live videos benefit from this pre-planning as it ensures focus and clarity.

Employ the power of SEO

In today's fiercely competitive digital space, simply crafting a compelling narrative is only half the equation. To truly drive impact, your videos must be SEO-optimised. Here's how you can leverage the power of SEO to amplify your video reach–

Captivating thumbnails

First impressions matter. Research highlights that 90% of top-performing videos boast high-converting thumbnails. Invest in creating visually creative thumbnails that accurately reflect your video's content and pique viewers' curiosity.

Keyword-rich titles and descriptions

Titles and meta-descriptions are your digital shop windows. Include relevant, keyword-rich phrases that resonate with your target audience's search queries. 

Encourage engagement

Don't be a passive storyteller. Actively encourage viewers to take action by incorporating clear calls to action within your videos. Whether it's subscribing to your channel, visiting your website, or making a purchase, guide them towards the next step in your customer journey.

Technical optimisation

By incorporating short-tail and long-tail keywords, you can attract highly relevant audiences and strategically position your videos within the sales funnel. Remember, your content should directly address viewers' questions and provide valuable solutions.

Maintain relevance while engaging the audience

While creating entertaining video content is crucial for engaging your audience, maintaining a sharp focus on your brand's core message remains paramount. Getting allured to follow trends blindly, even if tangentially related, can leave viewers confused.

Remember, relevance is the cornerstone of effective video marketing, especially for small businesses. Unlike large brands with established recognition, you cannot afford the luxury of deviating from irrelevant content. Your primary objective is to showcase your offerings in a compelling light, leaving a clear and memorable impression on viewers.