Boost your content marketing game with these 5 quick strategies

If your content lacks quality while your competitor's content shines, whom do you think a buyer will choose? To maximise your sales, your content must be marketed well. Check out these five content performance-boosting strategies.

Boost your content marketing game with these 5 quick strategies

Friday September 08, 2023,

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You may have a really well-thought-out content arsenal to market your business. While some days they click with your target audience, on others, it may not be interesting enough.

The truth is, unless you offer something unique, content marketing becomes essential for scaling a customer's decision-making process. Mediocre content can nudge potential customers away from you and allure them towards your competitors.

Consider this: If your content lacks quality while your competitor's content shines, whom do you think a buyer will choose? In fact, whom would you choose?

According to a 2019 B2B content marketing study, the top-performing B2B marketers prioritised providing valuable information to their audience over promotional messages from their company. Additionally, 44% of B2C marketers have a documented content marketing strategy.

Therefore, to maximise sales for your business, your content must be marketed well to create a lasting brand image. To enhance your business's performance, we’ve compiled five content performance-boosting strategies.

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Know your audience

To begin with, it is essential to have a precise understanding of your target audience. While you can consider your company's general demographic, it's necessary to delve deeper into the analytics.

Creating marketing personas offers an excellent approach to establishing a more personal connection with your audience. Instead of thinking you’re writing for the world, perceive that you’re writing for your friend.

You can gain valuable insights by conducting interviews with customer success professionals or by participating in quarterly business reviews.

Consider what your specified persona/personas might be grappling with, determine the tone that will resonate best with them, and identify pain points. These actions will provide you with the language and perspective of potential customers, ultimately leading to creating superior marketing content.

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Prioritise originality

Have you ever searched for something on the internet with an eagerness to uncover fresh insights? However, after endlessly scrolling through countless blog posts, articles, reports, and ebooks, you were disheartened with the same worn-out information. This frustration isn't exclusive to you, it resonates with almost everyone. 

The primary reason: uncountable competitors in the content industry simply follow the cut-copy-paste rule. Their objectives—Who are we? What is our core message? Who needs to hear it, and how do we deliver it effectively?—are completely forgotten.

To break free from this echo, you must prioritise originality and intensive research. Dive into your analytics and data, engage in meaningful conversations with your customers, become a keen observer of social media trends, and actively participate. Thereafter, channel your findings into meaningful content that strongly resonates with your audience. 

Write. Review. Refine.

Generate unique topics

While setting up your monthly content calendar, be inclined to crowd it with a multitude of posts. Aptly enough, Renae Gregoire, a contributor at Forbes, calls this MSU (Making Shit Up)!

Producing in abundance not only disrupts your strategic vision but also creates difficulty in generating unique topics. Sadly, many companies tend to do this, resulting in a dearth of fresh and valuable content.


The key lies in selecting topics that genuinely pique the interest of your readers and delivering them with your distinctive perspective.

So, when uniqueness is adorned with thought-provoking quotes, eloquent language, and compelling narration, you end up offering a breath of fresh air amidst the sea of generic content. Remember: quality is always greater than quantity.

Determine the key metrics

Just like any online marketing strategy, incorporating analytics into your content marketing is essential. This signifies that before you begin writing or designing, you must determine the key metrics that would act as the foundation of your business goals. 

This may consume considerable time. But as the search engines start indexing your content, you'll eventually gain a clearer perspective on whether you're effective in engaging your target audience.

In the initial days, keep a note of the performance analytics. Are particular topics outperforming others? Does your audience exhibit a preference for specific content formats? you can also leverage tools like Google Analytics to boost the process. 

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Employ funnel approach

Consider the entire process of content marketing as a funnel with four distinct sections—brand, leads, sales, and loyalty. At the topmost section, your focus should be on reinforcing your brand by pulling in social media followers, blog subscribers, and website visitors.

Descending down the funnel, use content assets such as ebooks, blog posts, and webinars to transform interested visitors into qualified leads. Once you've gathered valuable lead contact information, employ email marketing to create a personalised experience. The primary objective at this stage is to convert these leads into actual sales.

Finally, as you approach the bottom of the funnel, initiate strategic campaigns to foster customer loyalty, which would not only boost sales but also encourage referrals and cultivate lasting profitability.

Marketing is unquestionably a vast domain. You can consider these five tips as a stepping stone to reach your target audience and better build your business.

Edited by Suman Singh