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Who is the real culprit : Old habits or My luck?

Wednesday November 01, 2017,

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Every human being on this earth desires to be recognized by the people around them and yearns to be a successful human being in terms of education, money and by the living standards. To fulfill those desires, the need to break out the comfort zone becomes very crucial. 

But it’s not the easy path, we face many hurdles and setbacks while approaching the ending line. During this process, we lose both our confidence and motivation to continue our journey to reach where we want to reach. 

But as we all are human beings, the first and the foremost thing we do, we start cursing our luck. And find it easier and convenient to put all the blame on the luck. We never sit back and think for a moment that the reason for my failures can be my old bad habits which are holding me so tight and to break those chains how much strength, stamina and will power will be needed.

But we all are so much proud of ourselves that we do neglect those small daily mismanaged actions which further make a path for the bad habits to build on their beautiful homes. 

And then we lock ourselves in those homes and keep struggling for a key.

So here are the names for three pivotal old habits which are required to break promptly. 

Multitasking, which leads to confusion and acts as a disruption in focusing on a just one single task. 

Being Perfectionist all the time kills the deadline to complete the task on time.

Ignoring the toughest tasks to be handled at the end, when no time is left to deal with the demanding tasks.

So try to identify these time consuming habits and start taking an effort to tame them.