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Education- A fault to a MAGIC

There were no high knowledge teachers for Mokshagundam Vishweswaraya garu, Dr. Abdul Kalam and many others who made theories in science and engineering. That is our Indian education pattern and system. But, today it's being called corporate, making a great mismatch and had been a reason for INDIA being under ranked.

Wednesday April 12, 2017,

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India, a Developing country of present world’s consensus. It’s been 7 decades, nearly, since India has been an Independent. But, these 7 decades had still let us fall into the developing category??? WHY??? Where is the fault? What needs to be changed? Where should it begin? How should it begin? Why should it be there and is needed?

So let's have a new questionnaire on today's society. What is making us fall back off? The Government? NOPE. The systems or patterns we follow to build our communities? Yeah, to some extent because in India, people with similar mindsets can be spotted in a region. They are united by a similarity in customs, traditions, occupations, etc., and somewhere by religious thoughts too. Unlike in other countries, we in India follow various political patterns in the formation of a society. Still, something remains unanswered. Is this society a reason for why we are still developing with enormous resources? The answer is yes, partially. This is a modern world. The paradigms are going to be shifted and are being shifted. It's not religion, occupation or economy that is forming communities or societies. It is 'Education'.

Taking some instances, In America, a teacher is a VIP. In Japan, it's illegal to arrest a teacher. And there are many. But, what Indian Teachers have? Salaries, for which they gotta stand, roam, shout the whole day. They are just the common people in the society where educates will respect them and the others seem not. They even enjoying the least privileges from Government. In fact, they are building the society towards fantasy world of magics, technologies, and sciences in silence. There is an uneven distribution of great teachers in the country because of rapid growth in the number of educational institutions. Education had been a business worth investing in India. Only some of these institutions give out the worthy young minds while others just make money.

How is a student being built out in India? It's important where it is not. It's been taught what's not needed. The institutions had built themselves a brand rather than a legacy of knowledge, research, etc., for attracting students to show off the attractive figures. It’s a competition between institutes, not the students. A student is being taught every inch but is subjected to perform a single task for rest of his life in search of money. This educational system is truly a falsified one. This is meant to program students for repetitive tasks. Knowledge is never a criterion but marks are and being employed is their oxygen nowadays. Passion has never been a worth sharing. A student is restricted to infra with many of them having least exposure and vast dissatisfaction in life. Then, for what the student is being taught A-Z where he is surviving only with A or B or F of the whole, is invalid. If a student can pursue his own passion, he can provide a great parenthood to his children leading to the change.

The change needed is an equal ratio of professions/occupations. The pattern of teaching should never be neglected. It’s not only the subject that to be taught in a classroom but teach them to be a good responsible citizen and motivate them to their own passion. .Don’t make students to fall back on opportunities or grades or success rather giving them freedom of choice and live their life to the fullest giving them the exposure of life and it’s not everyone, misuses the freedom. Also to be added, Education is not only a business but also a responsibility of making the worth of trust on the institution. Finally, the results may surprise us. There will be great engineers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers and much more in equal ratios. This makes India strong in International arenas and a tough & thug competitor. Our economy will be stabilized with sufficient resources and we need not expect a hand from outsources for out tasks. Just imagine the India with no student need to fly off, privileged around the world and self-sufficient. Changing just one system can make this, a magic. It’s not an overnight succession to be overwhelmed for but in decades make us, World Class.