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What can we do to protect women at the workplace

Respect gender equality specially Women they are backbone of our families,societies, organization and human race at large.

What can we do to protect women at the workplace

Wednesday April 05, 2017,

3 min Read

image courtesy-unknown

image courtesy-unknown

Women harassment issue that cannot be defined easily. It’s a very broad issue that carries several points that to be looked. In the modern era of gender equality where both genders standing with each other no patriarchy of considering someone weak just on the basis of gender.

Facing this problem and it’s on the raise going unnoticed and unreported whereas we had come up with very strong and effective laws i.e. sexual harassment of women at work place law 2013. But due to lower implementation or weakness in execution the offences are on the raise.

Sexual harassment at work place is violence or diminishing dignity of a women at workplace by any means either oral, physical etc. undignified issue that effects livelihood of a gender prohibiting her right of life with dignity enshrined in Article 21 and Article 14 of Indian constitution and also undermining her right as a human.

In Indian polity the first case related to this was reports in 1997 later several laws were made , committees made and all those ends in huge number of suggestion or Laws but poor or no implementation at the ground level.

An issue that is mostly faced by females and going unaddressed from a long time.

Origin of the problem-

• Attitude of us as a society towards females

• Taboos we follow on the name of saving the culture

• Offender feels to do because there are no strong bad repercussions

• Reporting females has to face more social outcast then offender so the case of no reporting happens

• Narrow mind we had made only considering female gender as a thing for lust only.

There are number of causes that give origin to the problem directly or indirectly. By understanding we should come up with some solution to these derogatory practices.

Solutions can be-


• Awareness and positive attitude development from early childhood

• Rules to be more stringent

• More than rules implementation should be good otherwise laws like “ sexual harassment of women at work place law 2013” dies on the papers of government only.

• Policy makers should also develop policy that elevates the females as a strong gender by creating economic edge or opportunity.

• Identifying the problem comprehensively and act accordingly by law makers.

There is long list of solutions too but the need of hour is we as a human stands along the issues that are derogatory to us as a human being. Report the crime you may not win but you will be making an Army that will win.