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Madurai An Ultimate Destination

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Madurai An Ultimate Destination

Wednesday January 25, 2017,

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During 3rd Quarter or around the year we heard Chaos from Near By Major Metro Cities meet natural calamities, social, political problems ITPs/friends/colleagues working there have to take off and back to hometown with a work from home or long leave option until all clear sign from Metro.

Of course here we have couple of co-working spaces to take care and a startup community slowly evolving, i could see many SMBs heavily invest in infrastructure in METROs who can think about and setup a cost benefit remote office city like Madurai. Many may aware Tamilnadu's Power Provider's data center in Madurai, like that so many ODCs setup in Madurai because it’s never face such disasters from natural or social, not even have a chance. Also Major IT players like honeywell & hcl are also in Madurai.

From our recent supporting experience in setting up a ODC for a Middle East Company in Madurai, We can setup the things quickly within a week by find a office space, procuring furniture, HR & payroll process outsource and recruitment via local forums. That’s lot available without many demands... Internet bandwidth is the main reason from most of us says to choose a city from UPSOUTH, but that infra grown up lot in the meanwhile.

Building the right team is the high priority, hope you know how people from Madurai in your team working smartly, if they are in hometown and if they are with family they can spend and focus lot on products in week-ends too rather than 2-3 months advance plan ticket booking for week-ends.

If you have hesitation about night life, week-end relaxation, so many happening places inside and around the city, Yes its 2017...Its Modern Madurai.

Everything You Need to Launch Your Small/Mega IT Business in Madurai & UPSouth and want to set up a ODC, BCM Center, Virtual Office, Product Development Outsourcing with right Resources, Tools & Co-work space, etc...

Feel free to [email protected] if you'd like to consider MetroIT2MaduraiIT; Also don't forgot to join our feast @ MaduraiStartups.in


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