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How my one decision in job make me solid eCommerce marketing expert

Journey from SEO Expert to eCommerce Marketing Consulting

How my one decision in job make me solid eCommerce marketing expert

Sunday June 25, 2017,

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Vijay Bhabhor - eCommerce Website Marketing Expert from Surat

Vijay Bhabhor - eCommerce Website Marketing Expert from Surat

Hi I am Vijay Bhabhor Facebook, Google Adwords and Search Engine optimization expert from Surat Below is my Journey of How Situation and Challenges made me eCommerce marketing expert.

It was 2009 where I complete my Graduation in Information technology from Vishwakarma Government Engineering college chandkheda.

Although I study programming in my college, but I never find any interest in learning the coding, I dont know where my career will go, and I never thought about doing marketing.

Well, God has planned something special for me, through my friends reference and my education background I get first job in I-serve system Gandhinagar (Company Located in Infocity ) as Se EO Executive.

This was a phase where I started knowing about the hacks of getting traffic. I played lots with website optimization, Blogging.

To enter deep in SEO Techniques my seniors supported well and guide me almost necessray things that help me to work independently.

I started a blog and do some necessary optimizations, with keywords, backlinks and within a 3 months i started watching traffic on my blog. The experience, happiness was amazing. I cant express that happiness in words. Shortly I started doing work independetly and brings some good ranking for my clients.

Within 1 year I shifted to Surat City and in 2010 I have Joined Narola Infotech as SEO Professional. And brings some top results for my company website and international clients. It was time where I faced lotes of challenges , as there was no one who can give me shortcuts, i have to learn each and everything. I manged to build SEO team their and there after within 1.5 month I moved to one of the top Retail store in Surat City.

It was Mid of September where I joined G3fashion , a fresh enviornment, new members and a Retail company. I faced very challenges to adjust myself in the enviornment. But i was very excited to brings results and improve sales. Office enviornment in Retail company was different from the IT companies, but my JNV schooling and hostel life helps me lots to adjust.

Slowley I started working, optimization and we get tremendous results of getting Online SALES from all over the Globe, within a short span I reached daily 5000 visitors on website. We were almost on top 3 positions on highly competitive keywords.

Slowly I started learning the paid advertisement and from 2012, I was running campaign for Google adwords and at the same time I focused on finding customers on facebook. I created a facebook page and start building audiance for it. 

In 2015 tough time start in marketing, lots of changes going in SEO that force me to focus on conversion optimization, I have read some books and followed some strategies of Neil patel, that helped me lot in learning new skills. Neil patel techniques helped me in creating awesome content, lead generation and more.

In 2016 I applied some social media techniques to promote our store and that really helped me to learn the deep methods of Facebook ads. If u are small business and looking to promote local audiance then there is nothing like facebook, it has very deep targeting audiance and at very small budget you can pass your message.

 till 2017 I have learned lots and helped my international clients to achive some tremendous growth.