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10 Insanely Useful Content Marketing Tools To Skyrocket Your Online Presence

10 Insanely Useful Content Marketing Tools To Skyrocket Your Online Presence

Tuesday June 11, 2019,

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The right content marketing tool or apps use to make your stronger online presence. According to the research, 32% of marketing expert rate their content management as fair or poor, and only 8% think they’re doing an excellent job. Almost 90% of B2B marketers use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy.

For success of your business we bring with some creative marketing tools that can help you to achieve great Content Marketing ROI.

Content Marketing Tools

Let start with the use of tools how they can be helpful for you:

BuzzSumo: The most important tool for the marketers to know the knid of content that is in trending. Also helpful to know what is your competion in the market for your blog. BuzzSumo is perfect for leveling the key role fields, revealing the trending topics you should write about, and helping you find enthausist in your industry to market your content for you.Get insight by search what content was most shared accross all networks.

  • Identify the content that is working
  • knowledge of industry trends
  • Identify influencer
  • Find sites publishing
  • Identify Authoritative Authors

Grammerly: To write a blog like a professional blogger, grammerly can helps you to write an eye-catching content with 0 error. Keep in mind that your understanding of the task may be crippling your motivation. You’ll be more likely to procrastinate if the project seems ambiguous, unstructured, lacking in personal meaning, or without any intrinsic value.

  • Comma splice and comma usage
  • Critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Genre-specific writing style checks
  • Grammar rule explanations

SemRush: This tool does keyword research, tracks the keyword research used by your competiton, content marketing strategy, to run seo audit of your website, backlinking opportunity, mention of your brand name for small and corporate business.

  • makes you an authority in your niche
  • builds your own community of loyal customers
  • Effective Keyword Research
  • Comparative Competitive Intelligence

Evernote: Its more than just a powerful note-taking tool. Large numbers of user don’t realize how versatile the app really is. With all the ways in which you can capture, sort, store, and find various kinds of notes, the ways in which you can use Evernote are countless!

  • Ability to attach files
  • Ability to share notes and whole notebooks
  • Feature scan photo text using Optical Character Recognition technology
  • Ability to sync automatically between all devices

Kred: Kred is a global community of leading bloggers, champion content creators, social-savvys is allows marketers to identify and engage with influencer. This tool give kred score, gives a breakdown into what makes someone influencer. Its also marketers to check outreach score that lists how often an influencer retweets, reply to or mentions other people.

  • Engagement Profile
  • Engagement Center
  • Clearer explanation of the influence score

Trello: The lighter and great way for your team to work together with trello. It’s time to help your team make the switch over from their old tools. Regardless of whether you've been attempting to team up with email, spreadsheets, or post-it notes, getting purchase in and changing work styles is no little accomplishment.

  • Minimizing confusion around project assignments
  • Customizable lists that allow users to follow metrics
  • Simple collaboration that allows entire teams to participate
  • Ability to easily upload files straight from Dropbox, Box or Google Drive

Canva: Designing tips and motivation for everyone from startup to professionals. Used to make impressive images, PPT, Posters, Boards, etc. Social media post to resume and more.

  • Change colors using the color wheel
  • Canva grids to layout and edit your images
  • Use text holders
  • Place images in frames
  • Layout your images in Canva grids

MailChimp: MailChimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you manage and talk to your clients, customers, and other interested parties and to monitor the response of your email.

  • Send Emails to a Targeted Audience
  • Use Emails to Re-engage Subscribers
  • Create an Informational Email Series
  • Follow-up when Someone Clicks a Link In Your Campaign

GetResponse: Its have the feature you to create a valuable marketing list of future partners, and clients, so you can develop relationships with them.

  • Analyze results and plan new strategies
  • Shorten the sales process
  • Shorten the sales process
  • Make the most of email
  • Align the sales and marketing teams

LeadPages: An online tool that you can use to collect email subscribers. It provide tons of purdy templates that you can use for lead magnets, webinars, and landing pages in order to grow your email list.

  • Host webinars
  • Send content upgrades automatically
  • Create landing page opt-in forms
  • To build sales pages
  • Create opt-in boxes within blog posts
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