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10 Marketing Tips to Boost Your Service App’s Launch

10 Marketing Tips to Boost Your Service App’s Launch

Tuesday January 22, 2019,

4 min Read

In India, app downloads have recently increased by 165%. This represents why mobile applications are a good way for marketing a product or a company. Many companies are including mobile application in their marketing strategies and it is certainly helping them. So, if you are planning to launch your mobile application then this is the right time. However, promoting your app is one of the biggest challenges that you are going to come through. So, before you plan your app, you have to strategise the marketing plans for it.

Apps are not just for marketing purposes, they provide your company with many values. However, convincing a user to use your app after launching is not a piece of cake. You may have the idea of how many apps hit the stores every day but how many of them get successful? Basically, without promotions, apps are simply launched and take a place in the app store but for the successful launch, promotion is necessary. So here are ten things you can do to make your app successful:

1.   Utilize Promo Codes for Promotions- Encourage the users to use download and use your app with promo codes and offers. Get more downloads on your app by providing credits to the users for sending invitations to their friends. You can run a campaign on social media prior to the launch of the app to gain good momentum.

2. Promote App Across Various Channels- There are various social media channels such as facebook, twitter, and Instagram you can promote your app easily through it. Social media has the potential to make your app reach to the masses. More than that, you can utilize blogging and other content marketing strategies for it.

3.  Generate Marketing Aspects- You will have to look for and generate the aspects which will boost the marketing of your app. Conduct proper keyword research and utilize them with the content and the SEO.

4. Submit Your App On Review and Submission Sites- To post about your app on pre apps, you have to give information such as app name, explanation, price, variety, model, and screenshots of the app. You can write blogs on it to tell the audience of various platforms to tell about your upcoming app.

5. Have an App Launch Event- If you are making plans to launch the app on a specific date or day, nothing would be better than this amazing plan. Launching events attract the people and engage them with your app. You can invite people from different niches and those who will like to download and utilize your app services.

6.  Find the right audience- Create content regarding your app and how it benefits the users. Publish it on various platforms and channels to target the best audience for your app.

7. Hire An IT Consultant- IT consultants can help you to boost the downloads of your app by helping you to identify the right audience and carving effective marketing strategies which fit your budgets. WorkLooper Consultants is one of the best IT which can help you in the growth of your app. More than that, they can provide you with the app development services that you are looking for.

8.  Make Your Website As Your App’s Marketing HQ- Utilize your website for marketing and promotion of your app. Compile all the relevant data there in your application and provide your users with it to make intrigued with your app.

9.  Use Tradition Mediums- This method may be costly but it increases the value of your application among your targeted customers. Make announcements about the app launch using traditional marketing mediums and get a high download rate on your application.

10. Have a Press Kit of an App- Press kit plays a vital role to take feedback about the app. It allows you to write about an app in a short, contains icons, screenshots, pictures, and definitions. Many submission sites ask for the press kits, thus, having the press kit eases of many things for you.

A mobile application can actually bring fortune to your company but only if you promote it accordingly. There are many sectors that you have to recognise before going for the app marketing such as which platform you want to have your applications on. Android has a higher audience and can provide you with more downloads on your apps while iOS apps get more purchases. Strategize it properly before you go for the app marketing and make sure to utilize all of your resources.