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10 Ways Recruiting Apps in 2019 Can Improve Your Business

10 Ways Recruiting Apps in 2019 Can Improve Your Business

Friday July 12, 2019,

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10 Ways Recruiting Apps in 2019 Can Improve Your Business

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Whether you are a startup, running a small business or already a big influencer in your industry, recruiting apps can drastically improve your business in 2019. All thanks to technology, recruiting apps have revolutionized the recruitment industry ever since its launch.

Earlier, it was impossible to imagine a recruiting process taking place without conducting an in-person interview. However, things are different now and with the advancement of technology, steps are being taken continuously to make recruiting a quicker and smarter process.

According to researchers, today, 90 percent of job seekers make use of a mobile device when looking for a new job. They use it for searching open jobs on free job posting sites, receiving alerts, tracking their application status, connecting with recruitment teams, and even for filling up their application forms.

No wonder more and more businesses are investing in recruiting apps to scale up their business and stay competitive. Investing in recruiting apps will be a smart move for you as a business owner if you want to ascend to the top. And if you plan to set up a job posting site and not invest in a dedicated app, consider developing it into a mobile responsive website. It will benefit you considering the increasing number of people using mobile phones today.

Even if you run a small business and don’t have the resources to develop a recruiting app now, you can still make use of a free job posting site to search for employees. There are plenty of job portals out there that allow you to make job advertisements free of cost.

Let’s take a look at the 10 ways of how recruiting apps can improve your business in 2019:

1.Reach Your Candidates Faster and More Easily to Improve Productivity - A usual recruitment process demands many tedious tasks such as form filling and filling out the necessary paperwork. If you use a recruiting app, it can effectively speed up the whole process and save time which can be invested in more important areas of your business like conducting meetings with business leaders and making deals.

Recruiting apps are suitable whether you want to hire office staff, a delivery person to assist you with your shipment or any other job.  Unlike traditional recruitment methods, recruiting apps don’t confine you to the office. You don’t need to have access to a computer or paperwork as recruitment software usually provides cloud technology that allows you to connect using your mobile devices. You can work from anywhere and improve your productivity.

You can spend time responding to work-related texts while sitting down at your favorite coffee shop and catching up with friends. As a business recruiter, you must be able to move seamlessly between your mobile phone, work computer and laptop. And only a recruiting app can give you that kind of flexibility. A traditional recruitment process will shut you in your workplace.

Plus, you don’t have to be a tech wizard to be able to make an advertisement in a job posting site. Almost anyone can do it as the majority of reputable job boards make the process clear, easy to understand and user-friendly.

2.Enjoy the Convenience Offered by Smart Notifications - You will find that using a job search app is extremely convenient as you will be receiving smart notifications wherever you are. You will be notified as soon as something important takes place such as a potential candidate applying for the job or uploading a CV. Since you come to know about it immediately, you can respond faster and discuss the matter faster with your team. It will lead to a shorter, more effective recruitment process.

Remember that not only are aspirants competing to work for you but you’re competing against other businesses to get the most talented candidates. A faster, uncomplicated, and more effective recruitment process will ensure that you have more chances of hiring the best candidates.

Besides, if you consider the figures of smartphones and its users that have been steadily rising, it makes sense to have recruits put those tools to good use.

Recruiting apps also make the process simpler for the applicants too. Interested candidates can quickly and effortlessly apply for the position on the spot without having to mail CVs and send applications through the post.

3.Improve Communication: A quick response time and communication with your team are vital when recruiting candidates. Open communication about potential employees are essential as departments are interdependent. Job search apps allow you to do all that as they provide tools for communication. You will find most recruiting app permit several users to access the same candidates’ information. You will be able to browse files, offer notes, and stay up to date on which applicants can be the best fit.

Though it is much simpler for two or more people to talk about an issue while sitting close to each other in an office, it is not always possible. But with a recruitment app, you can see real-time comments and alterations made by your colleagues, even when you don’t have the time to discuss the issue over the phone. You can achieve the task even when a colleague is traveling or in a different time zone as their mobile phone or laptop is easily within reach.

Not only that, you can easily communicate with your potential employees anytime, anywhere, even if he/she resides in a different city. For instance, after an interview is done, you can provide instant feedback.

4.Advance Social Reach: In this competitive world, social reach has become very important. It applies to recruitment as well. By using a recruiting app, you can connect to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter which is used by almost everyone. You will be able to reach out to a wider array of candidates and communicate with them.

Most recruiting app offers social media integration options which can be linked to your social media profiles. It makes the task of hiring easier and you will land on better candidates too when you have a wider pool. You can hire delivery boys for your business anywhere in the country or world as long as your desire to expand your business.

Also, when you make your job posting widespread, it speaks volumes about how serious you are as a hiring company about filling the position with the right fit.

Moreover, if you are able to make use of good user engagement, it can help bring potential applicants into the conversation. They will get a feel of how working for the company would be like, and this, in turn, will encourage talented candidates to apply for the post instead of getting intimidated.

Through social media, you will also be able to reach out to potential candidates who are passive in their job search. Who knows, the best passive talent may not be checking out job boards but would consider an offer if it fell on their way. They will probably have accounts on social media like Twitter and Facebook. You know very well that the internet is a global phenomenon. Make the most out of it.

10 Ways Recruiting Apps in 2019 Can Improve Your Business

Image Courtesy: qz.com

5.Streamline Data Collection from Candidates: If you have posted an advertisement for driver jobs in Bangalore, you can use the recruiting app to gather useful data of your candidates and then analyze to better your recruitment process. You can also use the app to collect other useful information such as the number of people who viewed your advertisement, candidate response, and the total number of applicants who applied for the job.

When you have all the required information of aspiring candidates, it is easy to filter out undesirable applicants too. You don’t have to deal with those candidates who are just time wasters or who don’t fall under your required criteria.

6.Take Advantage of Texting: You can take advantage of the texting feature available in the recruiting app while recruiting candidates for the job. Sending texts is a friendly, yet professional way to reach out to candidates. And because 98 percent of text messages are open, you can have peace of mind knowing that your candidates have read your messages.

Sending a text message is also a great way to remind the candidates about an upcoming interview or request them to confirm the same. You can further choose to send a quick ‘Thank You’’ text to the aspirant after the end of the interview, provide links to your company’s site or follow up with him/her on the hiring status.

7.Benefit from Automation: Recruiting apps also allow you to automate things. For instance, you can automate response emails on your recruiting app and keep your candidate on the loop. It also takes the burden off your shoulders to keep track of candidates, confirm their background checks, and schedule interviews. It gives you the opportunity to focus on examining candidate information and interview responses. When you have less burden, it may lead to better hires.

8.Make Use of Strong Searching and Data Parsing: An applicant tracking system (ATS) allows you to read multiple files. It makes it easy for you to quickly search through all the documents whatever terms you are searching for, regardless of how the candidates submit their information. You can easily search, organize, and view cover letters, resumes, and other documents without having to use an additional app.

You don’t have to sort through a stack of paper resumes to come to a decision which candidates you should consider. By using a recruiting app, you can automatically enter this information into a database, and you can search “Drivers” in your app to see a list of potential employees when you want to hire drivers.

9.Make Your Job Advertisement More Dynamic: When you post an ad using a recruiting app or via social media platforms, you get the opportunity to be more creative. You can create and upload a video showing the strengths of your company or work culture. It will help you to attract specific types of candidates suitable for the job.

And as a matter of fact, a company that goes out of the way to use technology can say a lot about their work culture. By using the latest technology available, you will be showing that you are not afraid to get innovative and that you are open to interesting and novel ways of doing things.

10.Save on Cost: A free job posting site such as Just.Jobs, Quikr Jobs or Aasaan Jobs can be useful to post jobs for free. You just need to visit any of this or similar free job posting site where you may not need to spend money to hire staff. There might be benefits of doing a paid job post on some job sites such as featured post to get more visibility. Depending on different job portals, you may have access to more features too.

And job posting sites, unlike printed media are durable as well as your job post is active & live for a longer period of time. That's how you can save plenty on hiring cost while attracting suitable candidates to fill the job openings. Make use of keyword matching technology and other related features to find your perfect fit in a cost-effective manner.

Recruiting for delivery jobs in Delhi, driver jobs in Mumbai, waiter job in Noida or any other job has become relatively easy and less time consuming with the entry of recruiting apps. Ever since its entry, it has revived the recruitment industry.  And as you know, the nature of discovering, hiring and securing great talent is becoming increasingly competitive in this modern world. Only the innovative ones and go-getters will be able to get a hold of the best candidate to fill the vacant position. Why not let this be you? Your business can invest in a recruiting app in 2019 to avail all the benefits associated with it. Or you can make use of a free job posting site to get the best talent which is recommended for startups.

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