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EEHO- App For Appointments

Mera No. Ab Aayega...

EEHO- App For Appointments

Monday June 06, 2016,

3 min Read


What is EEHO?

EEHO is an appointment booking mobile application that allows you to book appointment with various professionals like doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, career counselors etc. Registered under Prapti Inc., EEHO is the one of its kind app that has entered the digital world recently, and aims to be one of the India’s largest chains of professionals. EEHO makes it possible for you to reach the professionals in your and nearby areas very easily. Now, no more waiting in queues to meet the professionals or making hard efforts to get an appointment fixed. Just install “EEHO” and book an appointment with your required professional.

How EEHO started?

It is very truly said that problems give birth to ideas. Same is the motivation behind the origin of EEHO. When the founder of EEHO realizes the several problems and difficulties faced by people in meeting or getting an appointment fixed with the professionals, he comes up with an easy-to-use platform i.e. EEHO to get connected with the professionals directly. This platform not only gets connected you with a professional but with the professional that perfectly suits your requirements.

EEHO’s Status and Plans

Currently EEHO is covering entire Delhi-ncr and Bangalore cities with the categories of Doctors including Hospitals and Clinics, Lawyers including Lawyer Firms, Psychiatrists, Career Counselors, Pandits and Vastu Service Providers, Detectives and Wedding Planners. Besides its’ initial days, EEHO is containing a massive database of the professionals under various categories. For now, there is more than 2000 professionals listed in the application and this list is going on.

EEHO is on its way to be India’s one of the largest chains of professionals. EEHO will be covering more than 15 cities by the end of 2016. EEHO has a vision of being the best and No 1 app for appointment booking with any of the professional whether it is for a businessman, doctor, government person or any other. Till then, if any person wants an appointment with any professional not listed in our app yet, can mail us your requirement and we will try to arrange an appointment with that professional for you.

With EEHO, now everyone can say “MERA NO. AB AAYEGA”.

Why Choose EEHO?

EEHO not only makes you reach the professionals easily but also makes you aware of the professionals available in your area and your nearby areas. When you have EEHO, then you need not to go to meet professional with a probability that whether the professional will be available or not. Also, you need not to wait in long waiting queues at the office of professional to meet him/her. Just in few and easy-to-use steps, you will get the time of the professional for you.

Apart from the people wanting appointment with the professionals, EEHO is a great platform for the professionals also. EEHO gives you an option to get connected with itself. Here, the professionals can list themselves and reach the people very easily.