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Timesheet Software for every Business

Using OfficeTimer Timesheet and employee time tracking software, you and your employees can track the amount of time spent on each project. On the basis of your planned efforts and the actual amount of time taken to complete a project OfficeTimer Timesheet Software will let you assess how productive your employees are being and how profitable a project really is. The software also presents you with timesheets, expense and billing reports to help refine your future project plans for greater efficiency.

Wednesday June 28, 2017,

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Popular in 1950’s law firms, timesheets are now being used to measure employee productivity. Time is considered a very crucial resource of any enterprise. With the boom in digital technology employe time tracking has acquired a whole new meaning. Online timesheet software eliminates the need for pen and paper in recording time.

Growth of timesheet software

From manual time-in time out, to using spreadsheets to Timesheet Software, time tracking has certainly come a long way. Now, you have software which monitors the timesheets which in turn record time spent on tasks by an individual. This has made employee time-tracking much more accurate than ever before. There is a wide array of employee timesheet software available and most can also be used on mobile platforms as applications.

Timesheet software methods

Several ways are employed to track employee time: durational tracking, chronological, automatic, exception-based, clock-in clock-out, and location-based. Some employers convert their resource schedules into timesheets.

Why use employee timesheet software

The main reason for using this software is to manage time. How it does that:

Both the employer and the employee know exactly how time is being spent. This makes it easy to make adjustments to cut down inefficiency and increase productivity.

Integration of work and entertainment within a single device makes it fairly easy to lose track of time being wasted. Having a software that gives you real data on how your time is being spent makes you manage your time better.

Time tracking is more efficient compared to manual methods. It can be used to record hidden costs, foregone profits, and realistic estimates for new projects. This accuracy saves time.

It has simplified managing of jobs, compiling of information, and running of reports hence reducing time spent on administrative duties.

With real data in hand, tasks like appraisals and billing become a breeze.

Features of a good employee timesheet software

Employee online timesheet software is web-based making it accessible from anywhere, and also allowing companies to use the cloud. Defining features should therefore be focused around this point. Other important considerations are:

Reports that can be customized

If you cannot customize your reports, it is not worth it. You should be able to sort them out by department, employee assigned, and kind of project assigned.

Easily integrate with other applications

Because there are many other similar applications, it must be able to fit in with the rest to make it possible to import/ export time records from one to the other.

OS compatible

Your software should be compatible with multiple operating systems (OS) since there is no guarantee employees will use the same OS.

Other features to look out for- simplified access, friendly interfaces, automated notifications, and seamless reporting.

How to choose timesheet software

Should be web-based because multiple servers eliminate potential technical issues. Integration with the cloud would be an added advantage.

Should have company-wide implementation to streamline processes and reduce job repetition

Should be well tailored to your business’ needs for smooth running

Should have convenient documentation capabilities to reduce confusion

Should enhance mobility i.e. can be used outside the office and anywhere else

Should be able to grow with you