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Things to remember after a comeback to GYM

If you ever indulging in exercise and then break up with it, it's never too late to start it all over again which is the hardest thing to achieve i.e. to start it

Things to remember after a comeback to GYM

Monday July 10, 2017,

3 min Read

As first step is hardest but at the end, you'll conquer all your body shape, health and fitness desire

Here are some points to remember if you are starting it all over again.

Warming up:

Since you have been a far away for some time you don’t be flexible as before, hence focus on warm-ups start with

• Simple 15-20 minute walks or jogs in a place.

• Stretching is important to step; stretch your arms, things, calves, back and quads

• Start with light weight lifting

Start with something easy:

It’s a hard struggle to start exercise, plan an easy workout before joining gym go for a brisk walk, light jog, as soon as you start doing small steps you'll feel better and motivate you to continue and get back into the healthy habit.

5-minute workout;

Start with 5-minute workout and see where you end and will you able to keep going after 5 minutes.

5-minute workout is less daunting and stresses free to push ourselves. Once you are up you will like to continue it.

Maintain a diary:

We always find an excuse to not workout. That's when it is important to schedule a particular time for a workout, plan it accordingly like if you are having an evening brunch with friends schedule your workout in morning.

If morning are busy, plan it in evening and accordingly

Maintain a diary will also keep a track of your workout intensity, just list down the exercise you have done and their intensity in this way you can push all your energy to work harder for high intensities like you have done before.

Find a gym buddy:

Is never a bad idea to have a company as, we always find an excuse if we are alone .having a friend, partner, and family member always boost an energy, holds energy and stick to a workout schedule.

Plan a one month schedule:

Many gym classes offer one month trial, join them to boost your level at starting and see how long you have regular.

By breaking down a challenge it's always easy to finish it off and be back into the good exercise habit.

Prepare a gym bag night before:

It's always a struggle to get up early in the morning, to gather all your morning gym needs and pack a gym night before .place your alarm in a different room so that you'll get up and doesn't snooze it if it is right by your side.

If you are planning to work out after workplace your bag right next to entry door it's a good reminder to hit a gym.

Work for yourself:

Always try to work out for your good health and healthy lifestyle not to impress someone.

As maintain a good healthy lifestyle is making you good and confident. Each time you workout you know that you have done something good for yourself.

Remember habit comes if you adopt them daily.