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How to set goals for your sales team using an employee tracking application

Sales field employees activities are recorded

Thursday August 17, 2017,

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If you are looking to improve your sales team and want to define goals for them, that will turn them from average performing to high performing sales person. You are looking the right place for this, as a mobile application can track employees at work time, is a great way to encourage them to work without diverting their mind into something else.

Everyone has a goal in their life and whatever work they do. Being a salesperson, to not have a goal is not possible. From getting up early from bed to hitting the gym and going to the workplace. Everything is done on a set defined time and should be completed within a set duration as you cannot afford to be late at office otherwise you might hear your boss screaming.

According to a study by workboard, 69% of high performing companies survey shows that communication of business goal is the leading tool for checking the top rated performers.

When you can communicate with your employees timely, especially the field employees when they are out on the field, you can easily know their updates and their problems. The communication will help managers to know their status and updates about the meeting. Every second communication is not possible for which a mobile employee tracking application helps the manager to locate his employee’s update with full accuracy. This makes it easy for a manager to know his employee capabilities and his performance.

To work smart, you should track them smart with the most widely used framework S-M-A-R-T.


A smart employee tracking application makes it easy for you to mark your employee’s performance and know what is expected from them, when and how much. With the specific goals defined, managers can easily keep a check on their field staff and bring productive employees on road.


Imagine that your employee’s activity is measurable, didn’t it will be easy for you to judge their activity and their performance. Yes, an employee’s whereabouts knowledge will definitely add to his performance. Anything that can be tracked can be measured, if you want to know your employee’s progress, you must keep intact with them and motive towards the achievement.


Your organization’s success rate is defined by employees and their hard work. A little peek into employee’s work is not wrong even they feel relieved that their activity is recorded and their efficiency is known. He no longer has to prove to his manager about what deals he made and what didn’t work out.


Your focus should only be on the company strategy. You are not aware of the activity done by your field staff when going out, this can bring so many questions about whether they are performing their work or not. A tracking application will give you all the relevant information of your field staff.


Establish enough time to achieve a goal for your business but do not spend time on low performance. Goals you decide should have a deadline, which pushes you to work faster and in that limited time. Your day-to-day crisis will push you to work on goal oriented task having a time-bound.

In sum, the challenges faced by the organization should all be set out and the goal should be made for your sales team is great as long there’s baseline for improvement.

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