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New ways to use technical SEO: an essential entity, not a choice

New ways to use technical SEO: an essential entity, not a choice

Monday July 30, 2018,

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Well, when we talk about existing methods and terminologies of digital marketing, we can often end up thinking about Digital Marketing. Have you ever thought about what digital marketing is? How is it different from traditional marketing?

Digital marketing is just not branding your products or services; it is all about creating a value for it.

With the evolving world, we need to evolve our strategies too. Let us first know, what were the methods implemented and what made them fade away with a due course of time.

Old Approach

1.Google Algorithm Updates

One of the oldest traditional methods of optimizing the search was Google Algorithm Update. It was used way back in mid-2000. This method had various releases starting from Panda and Penguin to Fred.

They all had their own advantages and disadvantages which paved a way for the development of a new method. Some of them had a working in a peculiar way.

Penguin: It worked on the principle of so-called “Score to Web-pages”

Panda: It overcame the hazards of Penguin and gave real time result. It down Ranked the site links which links it deems manipulative.

HummingBird: The main principle of this release is that it helped Google interpret search queries.

Pigeon: Towards the end of that decade, this Algorithm worked according to the location of the user.

Mobile Algorithm: In this type, the mobile-friendly web-pages ranked at the top of mobile search

There were several more releases to this but then there was an ultimate stop to this method and the last release to this was Fred.

Fred: It uses the information and data from the latest of Google’s confirmed updates.


Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are the web-pages shown by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. in response to a query by a searcher. The main feature of the SERP is showing results that are returned by the search engine like Google, in response to a keyword question, although the pages may also contain other searches such as unwanted advertisements.

But, SERP, as we know, is gone and vanished with revolution; search is dynamic, responsive, visual, and everywhere now.

3.Technical SEO and Web Development:

Technical SEO showed much variation since the time of Google Algorithms were into existence. With the increase in the field of Web Development, many more technologies emerged and thereby gave birth to Web Development companies in Pune. The phase of this development still continues and is at its peak of technology.

SEO has always driven high-quality traffic through organic searching. SEO Company in Pune will help you leverage your dreams of climbing the ladder.

Technical SEO, for its part, now includes all search engine best practices and allows no room for changes. This technology never went away, but it has seen a recent war, as senior marketers realize that it drives performance as well as compliance.

4.Black Hat Techniques 

Keywords which are unrelated, stacked and stuffed, Tiny Text, Tiny and hidden link stuffing were on the mark in this type of Digital Marketing. It is not a good habit to keep stuffing the same words; it certainly leads to over optimization.

Technical SEO, for its part, now includes all search engine best practices and allows no room for changes or doping. This feature never faded, but it has seen a recent manipulation as senior marketers realize that it drives optimization as well as crawler compliance.

New Approach

Let us now have a look at the way things are revolutionizing and changing the world of marketing.

These Modern approaches have changed the way we Market our goods and services. These approaches are used and adapted by many SEO companies for giving you world-class services.

1.Content discovery across devices and platforms:

When you tap on content you are taken to other website and web-pages and website owner earns. Content Discovery advertisement is like Pay Per Click, PPC ads like Google Ad words, but the content representation is different, they look like part of the website or web-page, because of this, they are also known as Native Ads. This technique often led the user or target audience to your website at a glance, even if they don’t intend to.

2.Mobile usages:

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has taken the stage. Brands must ensure that their web presence meets the highest standards to keep pace with the modern consumer. Adaptive, Improved, Matured website need optimization to make the website user-friendly. Many Digital Marketing Company in Pune will help you get the best Mobile friendly websites.

3.Internet of Things and SEO:

Search engine optimization (SEO), along with email and content marketing, belongs to the old traditional digital marketing techniques. Traditionally, search engine optimization was approached as a relatively technical matter, driven by focused search engine algorithms. Internet of things and its place off has taken SEO to a whole new level of Marketing, it finally all ends up to relevancy and quality data. SEO companies In Pune have a gone level up to use these modern approaches and make you grow in your business.


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