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Top 21 Best Startup App Ideas in 2020: An Extensive Review of App Ideas For Your Business that’ll Make Money

Top 21 Best Startup App Ideas in 2020: An Extensive Review of App Ideas For Your Business that’ll Make Money

Friday June 21, 2019,

13 min Read

Top 21 Best Startup App Ideas in 2020: An Extensive Review of App Ideas For Your Business that’ll Make Money

Are you considering options for the best Android app ideas of startups to cement your footprints in the global market? Or you want to target a behemoth user base that too with minimal investment for your simple startup app ideas?

As per the latest report by Statista, in the 1st quarter of 2019 Android app users were able to download mobile applications from 2.1 million option. Whereas Apple’s App store remained the second largest with almost 1.8 million app choices. However, the number of downloads shows no sign of stopping and is expected to reach 258 billion by the year 2022.

Introduction to portable devices like smartphones and tablets have brought the world to the palms of one-third of the global population. Adding on, in today’s up-to-the-minute business or market, whether you are an entrepreneur or an SME, you know the potential of the best mobile app ideas for startups and now capitalize on it.

You must be wondering, is it easy to outshine among the competitors with just a mobile app? Practicably NO.

The reason being every day, hundreds of applications launches on the top-ranked platforms like Google app-store and iOS app store, which are already hosting thousands of apps.

So, the question arises “what makes the difference?”

The best startup app idea in 2020 with experienced application developer is the essential key for every business. Therefore, many organizations are keeping their best foot forward to hire expert app developers who craft a mobile app that can be alluring and optimal for clients.

As Google and iOS are flooded with thousands of simple application ideas being added on every day, how will your innovative and fresh app idea have a competitive edge in the mobile hierarchy? Or how getting a mobile app for your business proves to be a beneficial decision?

Don’t worry. We have pocketed a couple of reasons that make mobile app a good startup app idea for running a business or maximizing profits.

  • The loading speed of an app is more in comparison to the website. Moreover, the mobile app is developed with more attractive features that targets a bigger customer base.
  • Even though a user visits more on the site, but spend more time at apps.

By now, you must be awestruck about getting an app. But, wait and think. Before you hire mobile app developer, be sure to have a worthy application.

Well! We have clutched the best startup app ideas in 2020 to hatch the recipe of success:

1. An Application Which Help You Find The Best Way To Invest Your Money

Best Way To Invest Your Money

Did you ever whim about a thought but could not find the right person with the same view to share. Here is an app that can shut the door for such situations in your life.

This app provides you with better options for your curious minds, fresh ideas, and inviting thoughts. On aligning with such apps, it’s easy to ask or meet a person with the same line of thinking as you.

Yes, this proves to be an excellent creative startup app idea if you got stranded with a concern and are looking for like-minded people to start working. A Google search may be a suitable option, but it will never aid as an app that allows you to interact directly with such people.

Seemingly, this is the ground for many successful websites today having their own applications. Quora is among the one which has accelerated their performance.

2. A Mobile App To Lease Sports Equipment Or Find a Sports Partner

Did you ever came across the situation, where you want to play in open ground but could not find a partner? Probably this happened with every person of same age group — either they have no ally or no sports equipment to play.

Nowadays, technology doesn’t leave you disheartened anywhere. There are apps which help you find a co-player or look for nearby shops to rent sports equipment. This innovative startup app idea turns into reality by working on a social platform and letting others know if you are searching for a co-player and proffers you a flexible and fit body with a social life.

3. App Which Provide a Platform To Solve All Your Financial Queries

Are you confused about the best way to invest your cash? Could you imagine an app as creative as you that help you find the right option to spend your money?

Either this new app ideas scans your account details or gives appropriate solutions for the amount entered. Although, authorizing an app to view your account credentials may be a potential security breach. But, it can be proficiently accomplished with secure encryption practices.

4. An Application To Find Right Date

App to find right date

Gone are those days , don’t worry when waiting to meet your right partner rely on stars. There are myriad of persons waiting to get hooked up, and dating apps came as a rescue to them as well as to the top iPhone app ideas.

A dating app gets your location and proficiently calculate the distance and come up with the option of your generation. Safety and efficiency are the two aspects that make this idea the right step in the development of these apps.

5. A Mobile App To Exchange Goods: A Barter System App

Had you heard about the “Barter System”?

It was a system before human civilization where people used to exchange good for goods and that too without using the currency.

How about a platform providing barter system to people. A mobile application based on this can be beneficial to people who need something in exchange for something making it the best idea for mobile application.

Anyone can list the products they want to sell and find the products they need to purchase. People can exchange a particular product by selecting a reliable person to trade with, and money will be nowhere involved.

Confused about your earning? Being in the middle of the road for the best startup app ideas in 2020, you will gain through sponsor advertising like other websites.

6. Application For Wedding Planning

Marriage is an extravagant event in everyone life! This is why people go beyond limits to make it last forever. And, to make it a success, you need relatives and management involved in the wedding.

Then what about making an app for the wedding? This proves to be the best idea for web application that will scrutinize the work of selecting the best planners — moreover, the decorative and artefacts which you can purchase to enhance the awesomeness of the event.

7. App With Crime Heat Maps: An Imperative For Traveler

Do you believe holidays are imperative to revitalize oneself? But, there is no single place untouched by the shadow characters. So, if you are a solo traveller or a part of a group, you must be aware of such crime-heat zones for the place you are holidaying.

A mobile application based on this theory can work wonders for the traveller to know the place with which they are less acquainted leading it to the list for the best software app ideas.

Possibly, stuck about the app working? The app will work as an integral part of the Google maps, but, the only difference will be the crime heat zones that will be shown by your app.

8. A Human Online Library Application

Online Library Application

Are you among the one who enjoys debating? Many of you have the urge to talk and change thoughts with a person having notion opposite to yours. It’s a healthy practice to increase your knowledge.

Thus, this is a best iOS app idea and mobile app idea which replaces books with humans to talk and connect with people of different opinions for a specific topic. This practice let them express their belief, opinions, and make more resourceful points.

But, make sure to set the parameters for avoiding the misuse and adding more security to make it a good startup app idea.

9. Search The Appropriate Product By Photo

How many times do you see a product, but it turns an uphill task to find it in real life. Of-course, it happens quite a lot of time, and it happens with all of us. This app will allow you to search for products on 3W’s — World Wide Web with just a click or just a photo.

After all, you can search to purchase online and have the list of online stores from where you can buy. Even you can align with sellers to earn some dollars. This is why it is considered as one of the best application development ideas.

10. An Interior Design Mobile Application With Augmented Reality

Augmented reality helps you keep the New Year’s Resolution of self improvement.

By working on the applications of augmented reality, you can add real-life features in your space with your smartphones. This technology nurtures diverse application spectrum making it a useful startup app ideas, and interior designing is one of them.

It is a baffling task to assume how the furniture will look at a place to comply with the dimensions and backdrop. But, what if you get such app that allows you to take a picture of your space and check out how it looks. It seems exciting. This act as a simple startup app idea yet smart way of accelerating sales and maximizing profits.

11. An App For Digital Tax Invoicing: Blockchain Tax

Whether you are a startup or a multi-million dollar firm, Tax is a nightmare. Or the time of the financial year ending, when you sit tight for long hours to cut short your tax expenses.

Having the best software app ideas or android app to calculate Tax and expenses can be a blockchain tax app. Also, it can generate invoices that subsequently make the process hassle-free. With the commence of blockchain technology, this idea becomes a better option.

12. An Application To Find The Parking Slot

App to find parking slot

Finding a parking slot in the rush hours is a tedious job. The best web application ideas for startups based on this phenomenon is a boon in today world. The car parking app will show all the available parking slots near to your GPS location and help in getting the slot quickly.

13. A Digital Security App: IoT App

An exponential increase in an atrocity is an alarm for digital security. And how to forget, with technology everywhere how can safety be left untouched?

There are thousands of security devices being used by numerous businessman and the general public. The app introduced with IoT technology makes it ace the top mobile application ideas for startups, access all security devices through wi-fi to answer people at the door, sense the activities of your younger one, just with a phone.

14. An Assistant Mobile Chef: Virtual Cook

What can be better than a virtual cook? An intelligent cooking app comes out as the best option nowadays. At the time when you are left with some selected options in your kitchen, this app works as a great app ideas for you.

Same like other cooking apps, this will provide you with the recipe but will not share the ingredients. Instead, it will ask you for the available parts and advise you with the dish.

15. A Digital Will

Nowadays an enormous number of people are using cryptocurrency to save their funds, but what after you perish without a will? You can use digital platforms which is a simple web app ideas to handle your funds during the crisis. This app idea allows you to transfer money and funds to your family or the guardian in scenarios of illness and fatal concerns.

16. A Mobile App For Local Transportation

App for Local Transportation

Being a newbie in the city is not less than a big responsibility nowadays. They don’t know much about the places, culture, and especially routes.

The local transportation app will let them harness the pathways and commute to work and market that makes it top the list of best mobile app ideas for startups.

This app will show the details and passages of the city entered with fares, saving your time.

17. An online Blogging Platform For Creators/ Curators

Yes! You heard it right “A Blogging Platform” — a trending startup app idea for 2020. This app idea is the answer to the often asked question “Should I set up a blog or a website for an online business?”. The earlier website used to be a “static” online presence and blog was a site occasionally updated with the new post shown in reverse date order. But, now a blogging Content Management System is the right choice that fits well with both the requirement.

18. An App For Saving Electricity Bills

This inquisitive yet simple application idea always keeps a close eye on your power usage and saves your funds from gushing down the drain. This app works by monitoring the power usage with blockchain technology that helps in saving enough in the bills they get through the meter.

19. A Mobile App To Find Online Tutor

App to find online tutor

This simple startup app idea will provide a reliable platform to students for finding an experienced yet accessible tutor across the nooks of the globe. This app lets student connect directly with the tutors round the clock if they seem a right fit.

20. An App For Scheduling Regular Health Checkup

Health comes before wealth. Undoubtedly, everyone goes to the doctor for their regular check-up, but only if they remember to schedule an appointment for themselves. Health inspector can be the latest buzzing word in the list of innovative mobile application ideas.

These apps will notify the user when there is a need to visit the doctor or a reminder for a scheduling health test. It will automatically text message for planning your appointment and notify if it’s approved or not.

21. A Plethora Of Gaming Applications

Gaming Apps are the new innovative web app ideas that never fails. As per the statics, it shows famous worldwide games are mounting to an unreachable height. Starting from the sports mobile app games like Soccer, or UFC to card games like Poker or Rummy, and board games like Ludo to Sudoku or mobile action games like PUBG, you need to have your own unique and fresh gaming app idea, that will help you craft a niche in the market.

Final Thoughts:

Web and mobile are potential raisings for today and tomorrow. Following good and the best startup app ideas in 2020 to simplify and illuminate lives is open-ended. So, why still waiting? Snap it before someone else implement the impression you are dreaming about.

Description: Innovative startup app ideas are vital for a successful startup business. Here are the best mobile and web app ideas that will accelerate your business growth with the proficient web or mobile app developers.