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Understanding the surge in on-demand app development

Understanding the surge in on-demand app development

Tuesday August 22, 2017,

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On-demand app development is gaining prominence with each passing day, replacing traditional business. Statistics strongly suggest that the on-demand apps has changed the way businesses interact with their customers and has become the most innovative term of the business. 


Whether it is taxi-hailing apps or virtual restaurants, users now have the option to find professionals or services based on their needs right at doorstep. Right from research and discovery, booking, consuming, making final payment and review, consumers are now finding efficient ways.

Now, if there is someone out there who still doesn’t know what Uber or the on-demand economy is, they must be living in some very remote area of the universe. Startups like Uber achieved massive success not by inventing new products or categories, but by disrupting the way industries operate, and making our lives more convenient in the process.

Advantages of on-demand mobile apps development

Experience to Consumers

On-demand apps development provide amazing reliability and convenience. From timely scheduling to delivery, on-demand apps carries out functions that necessary to help the business grow. On-demand technology makes it effortless for consumers to find pricing details, post reviews, give ratings, and communicate with the service providers.

On-demand apps are Extreme Convenience 

Successful on-demand apps services also puts things that once seemed luxurious within reach, creating an additional delight factor for users. The price points for the level of convenience promised are extremely attractive.


On-demand app development services provide the much needed flexibility to customers giving them the complete control. A consumer simply has to tap on icon or icons to get immediately attention of service provider. 

Decision– Making it decision-making fast and quick

Access–Easy access to relevant information

Payment– Secure and easy to pay

Post-Transaction Convenience – Making it fast and easy to re-purchase

Real-World Implementation of On-Demand Apps 


Since majority of online shopping takes place on smartphones and tablets, retailers are taking a plunge on the on-demand delivery bandwagon. With on-demand mobile app development technology, users can connect with nearby grocery or retail stores and request delivery of items right at their doorstep. This technology helps users to overcome the hassles of standing in long queues in the supermarkets.


This sector has witnessed complete transformation with on-demand apps. Booking a cab from any part of the country has now become a matter of few taps. Technology platform, Uber is now a $40bn business helping people reach from one location to another.

Maintenance and Repairing 

For all those looking for plumber, an electrician, an AC service man or home beauty services, it is now easy find trusted, certified and professional workers. On-demand apps serve as a perfect platform for both providers and end users where customers can get quick job estimate and timeline for completion.

Healthcare Industry

Telemedicine and telehealth are making healthcare more preventative and convenient with on-demand physicians, nurses and medical assistance providers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week either in person or via video, email or phone. On-demand healthcare apps are opening new avenues for healthcare. 

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