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Appreciating Ideas and Helping Build Journeys

Journey of starting a firm while in college, and six years later mentoring micro startups. 

Appreciating Ideas and Helping Build Journeys

Thursday March 09, 2017,

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It is all about appreciating the idea and help them have a successful journey.

The beginning of the journey: 

I first thought of starting a business when I was an intern at Larsen and Toubro. I was still pursuing my under graduation. That is when I started working on my ideas. The thing with ideas is they come up easily, challenge is to nurture and implement them. During the early years, being a first generation entrepreneur was not easy.

With a few of my friends I started a social work. We collected money by selling T shirts and gifted bio degradable bags. To survive and manage funds, I started to learn code with my hostel mate. I spent time on learning SEO and marketing skills. Not to forget I had my electrical engineering exams lined up every six months.

Post my graduation, I did sales for one of my product. I had to switch between roles of being the developer, salesman, writer and much more.

Akshay speaking at a college to promote working on hobbies and passion

Akshay speaking at a college to promote working on hobbies and passion

Implementing Ideas:

Later on I started my own digital marketing firm, I consulted companies, wrote a book, wrote blogs and did almost as many things I could do. I invested my time as much as I can learning.

Starting with Ideas and Journeys:

When I realised in 2016, that all we need is support to nurture our ideas. I started working on a platform for dreamers. I wanted to create an environment to empower them. I started working with very young people who had dreams and passion but no recognition. In a year we have over 12000 member family. We reached young people and started supporting their dreams.

This is when I had a twist in the tale. I thought of coming out of the business rat race and be a mentor to young entrepreneurs. I handed over my business and the idea to empower passionate visionaries to my long term colleague.

A way ahead and following the passion:

My passion in life is to connect with people and help them reach their dreams and that's what I could still do with ideas and journeys foundation.

Where we serve for a cause of many. It is all about appreciating the idea and help them have a successful journey. Ideas and Journeys is now managed and directed by Priyanka Aush who is an Electrical Engineering graduate and a marketing expert. Priyanka has worked with me on every project since 2011. I'm glad she could pick up things from where I have left them. Today, Priyanka drives our passion as I feel happy every time we touch a dreamer's dream to reality. 

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