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Use voice broadcasting to generate qualified leads with minimum investment

Wednesday August 22, 2018,

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Who doesn’t want more for less?

I believe somewhere we all aspire for the same. This principle is applicable everywhere whether it’s business or personal life.

Now let’s suppose you own a business and it goes without saying that lead generation is the soul of any business. And what if I told you that I can give you a vast number of qualified leads that to at minimum invest? How would you feel?

It feels great :) Right?

I know it feels awesome. We as human are programmed to aspire for more in less but we all know that lead generation is not an easy task

The financial health depends upon a continuous flow of sales opportunities. The more the leads business has the more successful it is.

But do you think generating leads is just enough for any business? I believe every business should generate qualified leads not just leads. Because the qualified leads have a certain authenticity. Generally what happens is when the leads aren't qualified then the businesses have to invest more time and resources to convert the prospect into the customer.

But how to generate the lead with the minimum investment?

Here you need a channel or platform which can generate maximum qualified leads. And you’ll get a number of channels like email marketing, social media, Bulk SMS marketing.

But all my experience says that Voice broadcasting is the perfect platform for generating qualified leads with the minimum investment.

And do you know studies have shown that voice broadcasting campaign may yield response rate up to 3 times higher than email marketing campaign? And it brings me no surprise to know why today the whole world is digging out the ways send to voice message to their prospects in order to convert them into customers

But what is Voice Broadcasting?

To put it in simple words voice broadcasting is a way of broadcasting voice message to the masses. It helps you to deliver your message to your target audience.

It is a cloud-hosted service wherein the pre-recorded voice messages are sent to your audience and you pay only for what you use.

Thinking how to generate qualified leads with voice broadcasting -

I’ll help you out -

1. Create a definite plan- The very first step in the process of generating a qualified lead from voice broadcasting is to set a definitive plan. A plan is a detailed proposal of what you want to achieve. So first clearly define what are your end objectives like - number of responses you want or the number of customers you need

Number of responses you want

Who is your target audience

Number of Customers you need

What’s the best time to pitch them

Who do you want your message to be heard

2. Categorize the list - Once you have researched well who is your target audience and what’s the best time to reach them so now you have to categorize your target audience into different categories according to their past behavior, geographical locations or preferences.

3. Send Personalized Message - Now finally you have to record the personalized message according to the categorization you have done in the previous step. Record the message you wish to deliver to your prospects in a way that it feels like you are interacting with them.

Here are the elements of a personalized voice message -

a) Introduction - Start your message with an introduction. Something like -

“Hi, Anayta Sirohi from Sarv.com”

b) Offer - Mention your offer or the information you wish to deliver clearly like -

“We wanted to thank you for using our services. So, we are offering you a special offer”

c) Call to Action - Include a clear call to action which will encourage response from the listeners like -

“Press 1 to speak to a sales representative to know more about this offer”

d) Opt-Out Message - Never forget to mention opt-out option in your message like -

“Press 5 if you prefer not to receive messages from us in future”

e) Closing Message - Close your message with a positive note like -

“Thank you for your time and thanks for using Sarv”

This way you’ll be able to distinguish between the qualified and unqualified leads. For eg., the people who pressed 1 are the qualified as they are interested to know more about the offer. Thus there are high chances of them being converted into the customers whereas the people who pressed 5 are the unqualified leads as they showed their disinterest in the message.

All this in just one simple click. And the biggest benefit of voice broadcasting is that you don’t need to spend a big amount from your pocket. All this can be in a very little budget.

What can be the other best way to gather the qualified leads at minimum investment? 

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