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Mobile app development idea 2018

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Mobile app development idea 2018

Monday February 12, 2018,

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Mobile application development is a most important medium of the market. This one application help to throw business down to up. Aftermarket research, I learned that application is helping business is right things but there is lots of competition also.

One little app transforming word

One little app transforming word

After this study, I learn some points. Here I am sharing my idea with this blog.

1. Select the best Niche

    Niche is basic and most important also. In mobile app development, this will decide how an app will works? Here some points while selecting an app to develop.

• Think about future

• Interest and hobbies deserve priority

• Look others niche of related business

• Find problem and work on it of existence business

• Transform hobbies into the application

 2. Continue thinking

     Here, continue thinking means brainstorming. This way is very good for getting an improved idea. Each idea has some limitation but with this method, that limitation will become the second idea.

• Make a list of idea.

• Make a list of limitation of that idea

• Divide each limitation for beneficial work

• Filtered solution will be business plan

• Make business as per profit and investment

• Top ideas will be highlight

3. Talk with experienced people

    The experienced talk will make work very easy. You can discuss last top ideas with experienced people. After everything some of the points are will be generated.

• Find competitors

• Talk with experienced entrepreneurs

• Without deep confusion, select one idea

4. Find the best developer

    After selecting an innovative idea, You need the best developer to make this idea successful. Here, some points are most important to select the best place for your business project.

• Check their portfolio. Like work.php (portfolio link)

• Talk with various company and test their work style

• Check their coding standards

• Check experience level of programmer

5. Start making application

    Instant thinking and applying on the project that is very best part of development circle. Every idea needs instant apply. After applying, you need to checkpoints

• Check updates on project day to day

• Monitor idea and its output.

• Your deadline will be your target. In the first case make it flexible but in second case deadline will be important.

6. Plan to promote application

    In promotional ways, some of the media is more effective and some of are not more. There is some promotional strategy for more effective promotion. Ask about a strategy of any Digital marketing company. Some of the important strategies for app marketing is here.

- Proper app store optimization

- Select best SEO and SMM team

- Do pre-launch and app launch activity

- Share post on a various way for application launching.

Here, above was the best idea and mobile application development flow. This flow is already succeeded with the various application.

Why it’s Important?

    Mobile App Development is one of the best ways to share your business worldwide. The reason for this is applications are trending arm at this time. Each hand is not holding mobile phone only they are holding more than one applications.

    Every small business struggle. Because giant business has money power to spread their business in many ways so they will never miss an opportunity to make their business more grow.

     But small business will never do this. So, they need only affordable mobile application development and web development service with right digital marketing service.

How important app design?

    App development is not one thing. Every feature is working, all requirements are fulfilling that’s good but the design also important here. The user will see a design of the application in first time.

   So here, app design also will be important. It’s important to make design application related. If your application is news related then you need to design app in news them. One more example. If your application is related to selling and purchasing, then your design will be in e-commerce theme.  

What is ASO?

    ASO means app store optimization. As like SEO for a website, it’s ASO for an application. The application needs to be app store friendly. App store friendly means, make application according to ASO protocol.

A protocol like as below.

- Application needs logo and description.

- Logo with no text, select only one thing. If a logo is with text, then it will but no over text.

- The description should be clear about application’s definition. No, the promotional text allows.

- No link chain on a description.

- App store and play store is providing facility to define important links so don’t mention it on a description.

- Clear screen shoots.

- Import original screenshots.

- Don’t edit and watermark allows a screenshot.

- Input business related keyword.

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This was a full package of knowledge Mobile Application. Basic starting to launching.

Thank You