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Top ten new business ideas in India 2016

Top ten new business ideas in India 2016

Saturday April 08, 2017,

3 min Read

Top 10 new business ideas

Top 10 new business ideas

Now a day a lot of business are doing so much crazy things but these crazy things help them to make millions dollar in company turnover. To start your own business you need some unique plus proprietor and licenses your product.

1. Binary option

A binary option is a financial option in which payoff is fixed either some fixed monetary amount or nothing at all.there are the platform like iQ option, expertoption, where you can go and register for $5 and invest it put and call then start earning.

2. Click on ads

There are platform like click sense and numbux where you can earn money just by clicking ads.. You need to register your information paypal ands other.starting clicking on the ads and start making money..

3. Personal trainer

You can find job in a gym and train the person who are fitness freak. With the personal training you can earn pretty good. You just need to be fit.

4. Earn money by adsense

If you have a website of blogging or the e commerce.. You can earn pretty Cost per 1000 Impression CPM you can earn $1 and Cost per click you can earn $0.25-$5 depend on the ad.

5. Became an Youtuber

You can make a comedy video or help video or the gaming video whatever you like.. And upload it to youtube and do some marketing for it.when youtube get view and subscriber you started getting money and fame,people started knowing you.

6. Become the Gamer

If you like to play the computer games and very good at it you should make the video of that and upload it to the youtube...from that you can make money with it..for the starter it is not bad it cool to play games all the day with the sandwich and soft drink with it.

7. Graphics designer

You can became the graphics designer.. Find the work site like freelance, upwork. You just need to bid over there then go to fiverr and list your requirement over this way you can make commission between that.

8. Cleaning services

You can offer the cleaning services in the nearby areas and by doing so you can make a pretty good money for that.

9. Seo services

You can offer the seo services to the client who have a requirement to rank the web page on the particular the e commerce website selling red shoes want to rank on that keyword.they can rank by taking help of the seo expert.

10. Social media consultant

There are lot of startup looking to build up their social account like ton of like on facebook, follower on twitter, instagram, pinterest etc. these company hired the college student for it. They are cheap and they are hard working toward their job.

I Hope these top 10 new business ideas will help you to start your business and make some money. And if you like to add up please do comment below and have the conversion here.