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Why SEO is Critical for Ecommerce Startups

SEO services can be expensive – and in such, its nature is just slightly high-risk, high-reward.

Monday February 20, 2017,

3 min Read

SEO services can be expensive – and in such, its nature is just slightly high-risk, high-reward. As per Big Commerce, a well put-together SEO campaign, with quality direction and strategy, can absolutely blow your competition out of the water and establish you as the definitive company to refer to in your area and industry.

At the same time, if you mess up and either fumble your own SEO or put the fate and reputation of your company in the hands of a less-than-stellar SEO company in India, you can severely damage your ability to do business online, and attract customers.

SEO is powerful for a very simple reason – in this day and age, chances are that your customer base is online. Being online means utilizing search engines to their full capability – in simpler terms, that means that businesses rely on their popularity in search results to acquire traffic and leads. However, because of how integral it is, many businesses end up paying an arm and a leg for their SEO needs.

With the right company or SEO reseller in India, you won’t have to resort to utilizing a massive amount of your marketing budget for SEO – but you will have to do some research into why SEO matters, what aspects specifically aid eCommerce SEO services, and how a few simple and easy-to-miss SEO errors can completely hack away at your progress online, and gimp your profitability.

What is SEO?

First of all, the basics. As per Webopedia, SEO compasses a wide array of “best practices”, utilized by companies and individuals online to boost their search rankings, or the order in which their website or page shows up in certain relevant keywords. Say you want to be the number one Google result for car mechanics in Delhi. You’ll have to do some serious SEO to claim that spot, specifically focusing on local SEO as per Search Engine Land, and you’ll have to take into account factors such as:

Proper content

HTML structure

Link building

Keyword usage

Website architecture

And much, much more.

No one knows exactly how many factors go into calculating where a business should stand in relation to its competition online, although even abstract factors like popularity, reliability and content accuracy seem to factor into the overall calculation. That being said, while the specifics are hidden deep within countless lines of code and secret algorithms, we do have a very comprehensive idea of what is, and isn’t an area of focus for SEO.

SEO for Ecommerce

Ecommerce is a highly competitive online industry, with the exact intensity of the competition varying based on industry you’re in. Needless to say, ensuring that customers find you when looking for places to buy goods online is critical. For eCommerce websites, it’s important to look for SEO packages like those of Techmagnate, that include:

A place for good, dynamic content.

Excellent website architecture.

While keywords, link building and online reputation all still factor greatly into an eCommerce company’s website, what is truly important due to the technical nature of an online store is that the website is programmed in a way that easily lets search engine robots “crawl” the page’s code and rate its optimization, alongside a blog or on-site update log with a steady stream of relevant, well-written content to increase your website’s value in the eyes of search engines like Google or Yahoo.