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How I started!

Monday June 27, 2016,

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One day I was coming back from my office to home, I stopped at one shop to eat rolls, suddenly one young boy(10-12 yrs of age) came to me,i think he would ask for money but instead of asking money he said "I dun't want money I just want to eat food" I said ok. Then he took me to the shop while in the middle of the way I saw he was barefoot running on road and I was very disappointed to see this at that time. Finally I was there at the shop and he said he wants to eat a plate of fried rice which would cost me only 50rs. I gave 50 rs to the shopkeeper and 50 rs to that young boy. 

After that I discuss this incident with my friend and told him that I want to start online website where people can donate old n used stuff. We started thinking on the idea and searching for the available domains(website name) after 2 days of research we found one i.e humanityoncharity. After purchasing a domain I started working on the website it tooks around 15 days to build a website. After that I create a Facebook page and start sharing n inviting friends to like the page. 

And after 1 month magic happen we received our first non monetary donation and that was good amount of clothes, we collect them and keep with us at our pg after 3 or 4 days we received 2 more non-monetary donations this time clothes were in good amount so I asked my office colleague to come with me and help me to collect the donation in his car. So we pick up the clothes and shoes and kept at my pg. Now we have huge amount of clothes and shoes. We put the stuffs in my colleague's car and guess what there was no space left in the car to sit we somehow managed to sit in the car and reached our place that is Earth saviours foundation gurgaon its basically a old age home, one lady take us to show us the ngo and we were meeting people there i really felt very bad after listening their stories and time was going out, actually we bunk the office to donate the stuffs. 

So in a hurry we give all the stuffs to them and went away from there. So this is the story how we started, till then we are receiving good amount of non-monetary donations through our website and we keep on developing our website and one more thing I forget to mentio we also started our operations in Gujrat through my school friend support this week.