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5 best tools for mobile game development

5 best tools for mobile game development

Thursday May 24, 2018,

3 min Read

<b>Mobile Game Development Tools</b>

Mobile Game Development Tools

The worldwide gaming industry is almost valued at $128.5 billion by the year 2020 with smartphone acquiring half of the market share. With some of the innovative technologies like AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality) in the scene, these predictions are likely to go in the favor of the smartphone industry. Mobile technology has changed rapidly over the past few years. Innovation in game development has so many limitations. They are like limited storage, heating issues, battery issues, processing limitations etc. all are being either restored or at least they have been improved dramatically.

In this post, we will discuss top 5 tools for mobile game development which is currently used by most of the game development companies globally.

1. Unity

Unity is one of the popular mobile game development engines which supports UnityScript which is Unity’s own language similar to JavaScript and C#. It comes with free as well as professional editions. It is a cross-platform tool and can be deployed to other platforms as well. Like other tools, it has a built-in editor which allows you to edit images and organize animation from animation window. Particle System can also be designed in the Unity editor.

2. Unreal Engine 

Unreal Engine is the mobile game engine developed by Epic Games. Its game development kit comes with so many options for smartphones, PCs as well as gaming consoles. Unreal Engine contains stunning graphical capabilities like particle system and advanced dynamic lightning which can handle up to million particles in one scene simultaneously. It is definitely a treat for 3D game developers.

3. Corona SDK

Corona SDK is software development kit to develop mobile games. It is available on Windows and Mac OS and it uses Lua as a programming language. By using Corona SDK, one can develop mobile games for free. However, to create games with more features, you are required to purchase enterprise version which provides native libraries and APIs.

 4. Cocos2D

Cocos2D is an open-source mobile game development engine. It works both with Objective-C and Swift and supports Mac OS and iOS. If coding is done in Objective-C and supports Android using Spritebuilder Android plugin. Spritebuilder is used for creating new projects and providing design environment where you can prototype and develop games.

 5. Lumberyard

Lumberyard is based on CryEngine architecture, it is free game development engine by Amazon. It provides so many free tools and cross-platform functionalities to develop high-quality games. The greatest benefit of using Lumberyard is that you don’t need to share your profits with Amazon. You can host multiplayer games using AWS cloud infrastructure as it comes built-in with Amazon Web Services.

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Final Note

In this post, we learned and explored about some of the most popular mobile game development tools, frameworks and engines being preferred by developers these days. You can easily compare and have the better insights about which mobile game solution is best suited to your requirement.