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How to choose the best mobile app development platform?

How to choose the best mobile app development platform?

Tuesday February 27, 2018,

4 min Read

Nowadays, mobile app market has become the great platform for the business promotion due to an increased number of smartphone users. In fact, the popularity of mobile apps has reached its peak over the past few years. Every business whether it is small or big wants to have an app in order to get a wider outreach and to support its consumers. So, there is a great need for good mobile application development platform which can support their business needs. 


Why should an app development platform be considered before developing apps?

The stability of the mobile app platform and its survival rate decide whether an app is going to achieve success in the long run or not. Thus it becomes important to look for the best mobile app platform if you are going to develop a mobile app for your business.

Since mobile app industry brings various changes on a daily basis so, one needs a think of long-term consequences of choosing that particular platform. In fact, a mobile app development platform comes in various shapes and sizes. They offer amazing features, take different approaches to development and support different types of apps.

An app represents your company, products, and services. However, before developing such apps, choosing the best app platform could be a complex decision for many business owners. A good mobile app platform helps in making a perfect app. In this blog, we have discussed some important parameters which you must consider while choosing any mobile app development platform for your business mobile app.

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Here is the list:

1) Comprehensive Features

A complete mobile application development platform should provide standards for integration with third-party services. The platform must also support important features such as application store deployments, scalability, data synchronization, and access control. A mobile application development platform should also include extensible back-end and middleware services so that it can offer features such as authentication, push notifications and data storage.

2) OS Support

Business owners, as well as application developers, should determine the mobile operating system in which they plan to deploy their applications. Most mobile devices run Google Android, but companies generally favor Apple iOS, with some concepts of Windows devices; even BlackBerry survives in some corners. Most of the main mobile application development platforms support the development of Android and iOS and, to a lesser extent, Windows.

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3) Cost

The overall mobile app development involves a lot of hidden costs. And this same occur with mobile app platform where development efforts, upgrades, and application maintenance vary significantly from vendor to vendor. However, a total cost analysis will give business owners a cool estimate for the whole development and timeline of the project.


4) Security

Deciding a good mobile app development platform and the coding language that is operating on it could add layers of abstraction and a certain degree of risk. In fact, it is good to keep an eye on the issues which developers may face with the frameworks but also pay attention to some other concerns too. So, it is better to go through all the security and maintenance contracts offered by these platforms. 

mobile security

mobile security

5) User-experience

It is another major concern in choosing the best mobile app development platform for your business app. A good app development platform should allow developers to build pixel-perfect apps with advanced UI features and workflows. This gives users a great and enhanced user experience which they can't resist.

The creation of a large UI is achieved by taking advantage of the cross-platform and platform-specific APIs. In addition, allowing the importation of any type of third-party libraries is key. Simply review and compare the number and type of API, as well as the opening to integrate third-party libraries.


As far we have seen some of the important parameters for choosing the best mobile app development platform before creating an app. These parameters are all sufficient to create an effective app for your business. A creative app could bring many business benefits to your business. However, it all depends on your mobile app developers need which mobile app platform they will choose for the app.