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More productive employees need better software

Saturday March 25, 2017,

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What are your employees doing during their eight (or more) hours on the job? There are countless ways to waste time, including some that use well-known hacks for hiding what you’re doing on the computer when managers stroll by. Employees can be under-productive for a number of reasons, and figuring out the problem is a must for business success. However, an unsurprising cause is lack of quality software—and that’s an issue that has an easy solution.

For example, If your employees are handling inventory, give them quality product configurator software, and you’ll eliminate much of the human error that can occur, speed up processes, and free up employees to focus on more important (and less mundane) tasks.

Configuring products within systems can and should be fast, easy, and automated. If you’re still having employees manually enter all the details on thousands of pieces of inventory, you’re wasting time, money, and their talents. It’s time to upgrade to web based product configurator software.

When’s the Right Time?

It’s rare to find a business that’s truly benefitting from manual entry, or is really getting by with outdated or mismatched product configurator software. If you’re selling products, it’s paramount that their details are correct, updated, and displayed in a gorgeous manner. Relying on an employee to do this assumes they’ll never make a mistake, never get distracted, are never tired, and feel appreciated with such monotonous work. Such an employee just doesn’t exist.

Productive employees are happy employees according to many surveys and studies. They feel appreciated and like they’re truly contributing to the success of the company. Moreso, they personally feel invested in the company and like the business’ success is theirs. How happy, appreciated, and invested could a person be if their sole job is entering data in a system that becomes increasingly banal from their perspective?

Now that there are quality product configurator software solutions available, business owners have the ability to give their employees the tools they need and deserve to be more productive and innovative in their position. Data entry is still a much-needed skill in many job roles, and you might still find yourself tapping your best data entry employees from time to time. However, it shouldn’t be solely for product configuration, especially as you continue to grow your inventory and change the details based on discounts, seasonal sales, and to keep up with the competition.

Putting Technology to Work for You

“Is it worth it?” That’s usually the first question asked when shopping for such software, especially when it comes down to budget. A little number crunching usually reveals that the right software pays for itself quickly. Even better, it’s a means of showing your employees that you respect their talents, skills, and time. When they’re freed up from monotonous tasks to focus on helping the company succeed and grow in meaningful ways, it’s a holistic boost for the entire company.

In some cases, these software solutions can also lead to downsizing and saving the company money. Think quality, not quantity, in all aspects of business including employees. Sometimes businesses find they can sever ties with an outsourced data entry solution, bringing everything back “in-house” with an updated and suitable software means of configuring products.

Other companies are facing problems due to a growth in inventory or via adding a new location. Having faulty information linked to products can set up a business for a snowball effect of failure. With the wrong details thanks to human error, from price to dimensions connected to products, it can take a long time to catch and correct these mistakes. For many small businesses, especially those relying on sales, the business already operates in the red for the majority of the year. There’s no wiggle room to risk such mistakes.

Product configurator software is a big step towards happier, more productive employees. That’s a plus for every business.