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Why should you start guest blogging on your blog?

So, in this article, I am going to peel off every layer and present a better understanding points of view on that – Is Guest Blogging really helpful?

Why should you start guest blogging on your blog?

Friday August 24, 2018,

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Blogging is the way of updating your readers on the topic of technology, politics, music and so on. And Guest Blogging is also the part of Blogging, however, we all are aware of the guest blogging. Sometimes we are not in that condition to generate enough ideas for blogging and then guest blogging comes to rescue.

But the questions come to our mind when we start thinking to accept guest blog – Is Guest Blogging safe? Is it good? And some related questions.

Let’s take a look at what the impact of Guest Blogging.

Guest Blogging is the way to gain more popularity and become the known from the unknown. There are lots of the websites and bloggers who believe that Guest Blogging helps to get more exposure. The impact of Guest Blogging is very deep and effective.

So, let see first what the positive impact of Guest Blogging is.

1. Build Your Personal Network

The very first benefit of Guest Blogging is – it helps to build the personal network. Accept Guest Blogging on your Blog can make better relations with your influencers (who sent requests for guest blogging). If you accept guest post on the topic of technology, marketing, parenting and whatever according to your niche then you are keep generating big database of your same types of niche, you can share or may send an email regarding to your new post or topics and in future, you have some issues on such thing then you can take a tip from them by just sending a mail. But yes, you have to make happier relations and healthier conversations with them.

2. Get More Traffic

Second is, Guest Blogging helps to generate more traffic on your blog. If you accept guest blog from your guest author so it will help to increase your blog’s traffic and there are dual aspects of benefits because guest blogging is not only beneficial for you but also for your guest author, also wants to get more exposure or traffic that’s why he or she submitted a guest blogging request, right. So he/she will be sharing a post on multiple social media platforms and in their networks in this hope to get more visibility and popularity. And through this activity, you can get more traffic on your blog.

3. Raise Social Media Activity

Social Media has the power to viral someone. If your post has something interesting point or has something interesting topic then it will be sharing on social media by your users or readers. The more you get the shares on social media platforms, the more you get the visibility of your blog and the more you get the list of your followers on social media. And it will increase the chance to get like on Facebook, to follow on Twitter, to get +1 on Google+ and so on.

4. Improve SEO

Guest Blogging is not only to build connections and get blogs from guest authors but it is also beneficial for improving SEO. Guest Blogging is the best way to improve SEO and generate quality backlinks that will help to get more traffic on your site.


No doubt! Guest Blogging helps to improve in various factor but everyone has their own pros and cons. If you’re always focusing on to accept guest blog or invest your most of the time on accepting guest blog request then it will kill your blog.

Because everyone has their own pros and cons, as I already said. Here, I am not talking about the quality of the guest post, of course, it matters but I am talking about the demerits of SEO from outbound linking via guest posts.