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How to avoid malware?

How to be safe from malware ?

Sunday September 17, 2017,

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I have written about three types of malware in my technology blog . They are Trojans, Virus, and Worm. There is another one malware called is Spyware. Today my post is about, how to harm it and how to avoid malware? Now we will know ways to get rid of malware.

The first thing to look at is that you use your whole idea and caution. Use your common sense. Try the websites that are on the Internet to be trusted sites. A popular, large, and trustworthy site is not usually malicious. Please refrain from clicking on any website link. When you visit a website, when you come to the ad, do not click on the "Win the iPhone, click here" or "Remove all the viruses on your computer" etc. Besides, if you come across a mail that says, "You win a lottery" or "Take the latest offer for you, such a free antivirus for 1 year" so do not open any email. Alternatively, never download files that come with email. So you can save your computer from being infected with a special meditation on all these things online.

Use a good antivirus and Internet security. But keep in mind that this antivirus software is a licensed version of a paid version. If you use free antivirus or pirated antivirus then, it will not be your least profit. Rather you can become infected with Trojans. So in my opinion, Buy a paid antivirus from a reputed company and use it.

Moreover, if you do not use any type of pirated content, then there is a greater security level for you. Although there is always a virus inside pirated movies or software, it may still be there. Also, before entering a CD, DVD, or pen drive on your computer, think that they have not come to you from trusted sources. Many times a 10-minute copy-paste may be responsible for damaging your entire computer. If you have a paid version of the antivirus, it is very good. If not, think carefully before entering any type of CD, DVD, or pen drive. Once you have done this mistake, you can be a victim of many troubles, if these virtual Aviles enter your computer.