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4 Enterprise Solutions to Drive Innovation for Organizations with Global Teams

How Organizations With Global Teams Can Innovate

4 Enterprise Solutions to Drive Innovation for Organizations with Global Teams

Wednesday October 31, 2018,

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For people in charge of managing innovation processes in organizations, it can be somewhat daunting to choose between the different DIY solutions, psychology models, and tech-driven innovation management software available in the market. While technology won’ solve all the business problems in the world, technology has consistently proven useful in helping teams collaborate develop and test products, ideas, and processes around innovations.

Idea contests and challenge campaigns are especially useful in activating innovations by incentivizing employees and customers to become part of the ideation processes. One of the main goals of innovation management teams is to be proactive enough to identity and respond to internal or external opportunities to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the bottom line. This piece provides insight into four enterprise solutions that could help your organization get on the fast track to innovation.

1. Qmarkets

Qmarkets offers an enterprise-grade collective intelligence platform that could help organizations drive innovation for transforming ideas into tangible results. Trusted by global brands such as Bridgestone, Ford, Lufthansa, and Nestle; Qmarket has leveraged the “Wisdom of the Crowds” over the last decade to unleash disruptive innovations that power digital transformations. Qmarkets prides itself in using field-proven solutions that can be configured for different organizations, team sizes, and industries. Its innovation management software has been used to facilitate more than 160K strategic business challenge campaigns for implementing more than 500K ideas to generate more than 1,700% average ROI for its customers.

2. Spigit

Spigit is an enterprise-grade innovation management platform that organizations can leverage to crowdsource innovative ideas both internally and externally. With Spigit, organizations can discover ideas for innovation from their employees, strategic partners, and even customers to create a comprehensive approach to powering innovations. Through idea challenges, Spigit enables companies to identify the right ideas at the right time with its patented crowd science algorithms. Spigit also makes it easier for organizations to make the data-driven (against subjective) decisions with a dashboard that provides insights on your idea pipeline and development portfolio. Spigit currently boasts of more than 6 million users across over 170 countries as a platform for organizations to ideate at scale.

3. Plainbox innovate

Planbox is a SaaS platform introducing an AI-powered solution for converting innovative ideas into real-life projects. Planbox leverages AI, machine learning, and advanced search to automate the process of discovering new ideas from all the internal and external sources that could provide insights into how a company can improve its products, services, and processes. Plainbox has carved out a niche for collaborating and developing the right ideas via its user-friendly event management and contest tools. Being a SaaS business, Plainbox Innovate’s subscription starts at $6 per user per month for up to a maximum of 250 users. Plainbox already has more than 400 enterprise deployments, across 1 million engaged participants to realize a combined $1 billion in ROI.

4. BrightIdea

BrightIdea is an advanced collaboration platform specially designed for organizations with teams in different countries to enjoy the power global collaboration. Many organizations with teams working out of different countries often find out at that their teams often end up as entrenched silos working on duplicated or sometimes contradictory ideas. BrightIdea’s Innovation Cloud for instance can prove valuable in managing a portfolio of idea-generating activities such as crowdsourcing, hackathons, accelerators, or innovation labs such that you can track the development and outcome of different ideas in development across multiple divisions.

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