4 Ways to Speed Up Your Website With A CDN

4 Ways to Speed Up Your Website With A CDN

Sunday August 11, 2019,

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There are so many factors you should consider when marketing or promoting your content online. Content, SEO optimization, and engagement are all vital. However, a major factor usually neglected is speed. The speed of your website usually determines how long a user will spend on it.

If you think your website is moving fast right now, chances are it could be better. Although there are so many methods utilized to maximize the speed of a website, the more effective is a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

What Is A CDN?

A CDN is basically a network of servers that shortens the path information is required to pass between the server and the user. Unlike other software, a CDN has servers in multiple locations. Hence, when a user tries to access a website, the information will be pulled from the closest server (POPs) In his location. This results in a more efficient transfer of information. Every location in which a connected server is located is referred to as a Point of Presence (POP).

Simply put, a CDN speeds up the website by reducing latency and speeding up rendering.

Speed up with CDN

Types Of CDN

All variations of a CDN work the same way; speeding up the transfer of content from a server to a user. However, their mode of execution varies. Here are the two types of CDN;

Push CDN

Using the Push CDN requires uploading content and linking it directly to the CDN. Hence, pushing information to the network, this provides flexibility, as you can decide what to upload to the CDN. It, also, brings traffic to a minimum, as only new content can be uploaded.

Origin Pull CDN

An Origin Pull CDN executes its role in a different way. Unlike the push CDN where the primary server needs to upload a file, the Origin Pull CDN does the work for you.

When content is requested, the Origin Pull CDN first goes to the primary server, before transmitting it. So, basically the site owner can literally leave the content on the site, rewrite the URL (directing it to the CDN) And the CDN does all the work.

The following are 4 ways a CDN can help improve the speed of your website;

  • Optimized Loading Speed

A CDN is designed to store multiple content types, which makes it easier to transmit it to a user. This leads to a more efficient transmission and a faster loading time.

  • Reduced Bandwidth Cost

Once you own a website, you're typically required to pay for hosting based on the bandwidth. Using a CDN can reduce the costs of the bandwidth, because of the speed used in transmitting information from server to user.

Also, the cost reduces because a CDN possesses multiple servers in different locations. Hence, all of the requests do not go to the specific origin server.

  • Easier To Handle Traffic Spikes

A major con of having increased traffic to your site is downtime. As much as you want your content to go viral and improve the traffic to your site, are you really ready for it?

Without a CDN, your site will be static and your users will experience a slow transmission of information. CDNs are designed to handle traffic spikes, whether high or low with ease.

Because it can pull information from multiple servers whenever required, your website will be online every time of the day.

  • Improved Search Engine Rankings

SEO optimization is a major factor for all online businesses and website. Fortunately, using a CDN can improve your search optimization rankings. If you're familiar with search rankings, then you would be aware that Google prioritizes websites that users can visit easily.

The more traffic you receive on your website, the more Google becomes aware of any changes in content. This improves your searching indexes and further improve your chances of getting your content out there.

To Wrap It Up

CDN has been a premium feature used by Most Hosting Providers. Customers have to pay additional fee to a get CDN for their existing hosting/server.

Few premium hosting like WPX Hosting are offering their WPX Cloud CDN for Free and few of them are offering it for much affordable prices

A huge part of growing your business is ensuring your website is better than your competitors. With an improved experience for users, reduced bandwidth costs and better handling of traffic spikes, a CDN is what every site owner needs to invest in.