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Improve school readiness at nursery and pre-school

Would you like to help your little one to perform better in school? Start with improving school readiness skills and see the difference. Here are a few tricks to help you learn how to improve the readiness of kids for school. 

Improve school readiness at nursery and pre-school

Wednesday February 14, 2018,

3 min Read


School readiness talks about whether a child is ready to make a successful transition to school or not. It’s all about identifying the skills and abilities, needed for school readiness and to understand the responsibility of parents for fostering a proper transition and school success. This act can be finely facilitated with a little planning to ensure your child is regularly participating in activities that promote their skills required to help optimal learning when they’re on the verge of starting school.

While many people believe that academics are the only needed skill, school readiness refers to a much wider range of skills. School readiness skills include self-care, physical skills, language skills, play, and social skills.

Importance of School Readiness Skills

Proper development of school readiness skills allows teachers to develop a child’s capability in specific areas of play, social interaction, physical development, and much more. Without having these skills developed, your child may find low compared to others in school. Children who start their schooling after building block skills in place are destined to advance quickly. If you can help your little one in learning the school readiness skills beforehand, they will surely have a successful career, indeed.

Necessary Building Blocks to Develop School Readiness

Self-Control: The power to acquire, change and maintain behavior and attention, based on the situation.

Articulation: The capability to utter individual sounds in words.

Social Skills: Judged by the ability to get involved in mutual interaction with others.

Emotional Development: The power to notice emotion, understand emotion, and control emotion.

Planning and Sequencing: The consecutive activity performance to acquire a better result.

Executive Functioning: The art of developing thinking and reasoning power.

How to Improve School Readiness Skills?

Considering the following activities will be helpful for your little one to improve their school readiness skills;

Social Skills: Motivate your little one to interact with other children of similar age and schedule play dates. This will develop their social skills and will help them grow socially.

Encourage Self-Care: It is always a better idea to encourage your child for self-care tasks like dressing, eating, toileting, and getting ready to leave the house. Provide only verbal help and not physical.

Collaboration: If possible, work with your child’s preschool teacher to find out any signs of deficit so that these areas can be improved before they start with schooling.

Books: Encourage them to read books. This will not only keep them engaged but will improve their knowledge on several topics.

Early Preparation: It is always good to start preparing your child for school from an early age. This will improve their behavior and will help them to act in a proper way.

Visual Strategies: Make use of visuals to help them understand the routine they need to follow while at home and at school. Ask teachers if they can provide you with a rough schedule for your help.

Motor Skill Development: Ensure your child is participating in several activities, without any difficulty. This really means performing activities like coloring, drawing, writing their name, and much more. Make sure that the nearby park features junior kids play equipment so that you can develop your motor skills.