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How offices are inspiring to improve employees happiness & productivity

How offices are inspiring to improve employees happiness & productivity

Wednesday May 09, 2018,

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A good design in a workplace environment does more than just impress the prospective clients. It has been proven by several types of research that an inspiring ambiance leads to highly committed, motivated, and productive workers. Thus, the physical space of business goes a long way in influencing the success of a company. However, getting a great office space does not necessarily mean you need to hire an architect and make pricey investments. You can easily achieve the needful by keeping in mind these key pointers.

The Flexibility Factor in Space

It has been seen that the employees who have the freedom to move around and work from any space in the office are more productive and even have a better impression of the boss. The workstations need to be designed such that the team members can easily move them around to accommodate the different projects. Offer them a comfy space to eat lunch, fit comfortable couches in the place where you receive guests, have outdoor tables to let the employees relax a bit. Your attention to their comfort will boost up the morale of your employees to work more spontaneously for you.

Design the Area of Natural Gathering

According to 604 Maids, there are always certain places around the office where the employees tend to gather more. For instance, if the employees tend to relax around the coffee machine, decorate the area and put some high tools and tables there. You can put a bowl of fruits in that area and even move some comfortable outdoor furniture there. Your employees need this relaxation to rejuvenate them for work.

Work to Develop Connections

Productivity is closely related to making close connections with your employees. Employees that stay within the line of sight of their managers and colleagues are more engaged and efficient in their work. Create an idea wall or bulletin board where the employees can scribble their ideas and goals regarding the current project. You will be surprised at the number of amazing solutions that can come out from the various inputs offered by the employees.

Assimilate the Brand into the Décor

Employees are known to be more invested in the workplace where the ideals of the brand are visible for them. If you are a company that operates in several countries around the world, bring in the contemporary or traditional art from all those countries to decorate different places in your office. Remind the employees about the global vision of the company by naming the different conference rooms after different countries where the brand has its presence. These are subtle indications that motivate the employees to work hard to uphold the company’s pride.

Clever Use of Colors and Lights

The fact that lights and colors affect a person’s mood is scientifically proven. Researchers have found that exposure to natural lights makes the employees more productive and energetic as compared to natural light. Each color comes with its significance, for example, green brings calm, yellow brings creativity and blue acts as a stimulant. These are universal facts, and they are not typical of any race or location. You can go for statement colors in particular objects or wall frames.

Follow these tips to decorate or redecorate your workspace. You will surely notice a remarkable change in the employees in a few days of the initiative.