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Signs you need alcohol rehab

Signs you need alcohol rehab

Wednesday June 21, 2017,

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How do you know when your struggle with addiction has gotten bad enough to require rehab? The fact is that over 20 million Americans are struggling with substance abuse and less than one percent of them every year get the treatment they need. When addiction begins to have significant negative effects on your life, you need rehab.

Is Alcohol Getting You In Trouble?

One of the most serious signs of addiction is when you can no longer control your behavior while under the influence. If you routinely get into risky situations after drinking, or due to drinking, it's very likely that it's time to get help. Some examples of risky behavior include:

- Driving a car when drunk

- Continuing to drink after your doctor has told you it's causing health problems

- Causing harm to yourself or others while under the influence

- Being arrested for drunk driving, being drunk in public or other criminal activity

- Losing your job or being kicked out of school due to drinking

- Compromising your financial situation in order to obtain more alcohol

Are People Around You Worried About Your Alcohol Use?

Along with the previously mentioned negative effects on your life from alcohol use, you may notice that people around you are concerned about your alcohol consumption. It might start with your doctor warning you about declining health if you keep drinking. Your family and friends may start asking you to stop using alcohol or wonder if you're using too much. This means that they're seeing the negative changes in your life that you might not be seeing. Many times those struggling with addiction begin lying about their substance use when other people start noticing. They may start hiding it or using when away from people they know.

If you begin to feel guilty about your substance use and are hiding it or lying about it, it may be time to seek help.

Alcohol Rehab in an outpatient program that allows you to continue your life and meet your obligations while receiving treatment. We offer holistic and personal treatment plans that meet the physical and mental needs of our patients. We also integrate spiritual ideals into our treatment plans in order to provide a well-rounded program. The key to any rehab program is to prevent relapse, and identifying triggers and underlying issues to addiction helps to achieve this.

Recover because you matter. Put a stop to the control of addiction over your life today by getting in touch with us. We can help you beat alcohol addiction.

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