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5 Known Methods to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10

Check out the top 5 tested methods that will help to recover the lost and deleted files in Windows 10 back to normal. These methods will let you get back all the audios, photos, music, videos in same format.

5 Known Methods to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10

Thursday January 10, 2019,

3 min Read

Nothing could be worse when you woke up in the morning and find that all your files are lost. I update my windows previous day and next day all the data was gone. I tried to figure out what happened but got nothing. When I google i get result for windows data recovery software, after hours of browsing internet I found these top 5 methods to recover data manually in Windows 10.

Restore Data From Cloud: A lot of companies offer cloud services that let you store data on cloud and access it directly from there. Microsoft Office 365 is an example. Most people configure the settings to sync data with cloud to get it from anywhere. So, if your data is lost then you can restore it from the cloud. Depending on the services you have chosen you can recover data in a structured manner to manage it properly.

Use the Previous Version Option to Retrieve Data: This option works best when the data is recently deleted as you can set items to previous version before making major changes.Check out the steps as given below

  • Open Windows Explorer and go to folders from where the files are deleted
  • Now right click on the folder and select 'Restore Previous Versions'
  • The Folder will have all the previous files that were deleted.

It should be kept in mind that no changes have been made after the files got deleted.

Get Files From Recycle Bin: Most of the time it happens that while deleting un-necessary files we also delete important documents without realising. So, if you have accidentally deleted some files and folders then restore by following steps

  • From Desktop open recycle bin
  • Now search for the item you deleted
  • Right click on it and select 'Restore' option
  • The file will be moved to same location from where it was deleted

Set Restore System Settings: Windows OS gives you option to set restore options for entire system if the files are lost from various drives. These files can be recovered by

  • Go to control panel and select the option 'System and Security'
  • The window that opens, click on 'System Protection' tab
  • Select the volume drive from where you want to recover data
  • Next, select 'Restore system settings and previous version of files' option
  • Specify the maximum usage limit and then click on OK
  • Close all the windows and refresh computer, the files will be recovered

Go to the drive or search the file you were looking for and it will appear in the folder

System Restore: This is the final step that could be taken to get back lost and deleted files in windows 10. Restart the computer in safe mode and select the option System restore. It will set the whole computer to previously restore point and the files will get recovered.

These are some methods that you can follow to get back lost and deleted files in Windows 10 or try a Windows Data Recovery Software.