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5 Skills You Need to Test Before Hire Magento Developer

Hiring developers is not a simple task for any organization before hiring Magento developer you have to check the ability of development skills, work experience, portfolio, rate of hours and many more.

5 Skills You Need to Test Before Hire Magento Developer

Monday February 04, 2019,

3 min Read

Hire Magento Developer

The below mentioned questions are always at the top of the list, even while you are having just thought of starting an online store.

  • Is the website’s future plan ready?    Yes.

  • Which Technology to use?    Decided.

  • How are you planning Website development?  Yes.

  • Team for Magento development? No!

Probably for the last question, you would Google search and select the one from the best development company right?

Constant change and innovations are the reality of all e-Commerce store. Few tweaks and features are always to be added. To support this action, mostly every entrepreneur needs to Hire Magento Developer. The task of hiring a Magento developer is really a hard nut to crack because it can break or make your project success.

Following 5 things should be considered while hiring Magneto developers:

Magento Certified developer:

There are various M2 certifications available. It is a proof of knowledge and developer’s skills. The programmer you choose needs to have at least one of the certificate.

Every developer who has passed this test is listed on the official site of Magento. Ask for proof of certification.

This certificate indicates that the developer is serious about the work and this differentiates them from the others.

A Magento developer Exclusivity:

No one can be the master of all fields. If the developer claims to have knowledge about every e-commerce platform then do not hire him. Ask them questions on Migration of Magento 1 to Magento 2.

A good Magento developer will be happy to share the websites S/He has worked upon and that would pitch their profiles.

Development time and Price:

Aforehand discuss in detail the milestones for the project and also the cost for the completion of the project. You know well that, the budget is an essential factor as far as the Hiring of Magento Developers in Toronto or anywhere else is concerned.

Negotiate and discuss every detail of the project cost while interacting with the developer. An hourly rate of developer depends on many other factors.

Support Assistance after completion:

Setting up the store is not the only job a Magento developer has to do. They have responsibility much beyond that. Ask or make a contract accordingly suggesting their support even after the project completion.

Bugs if found later has to be fixed by the developer. Such facilities are easily offered if you hire a renowned Magento developer.

Ask for  the References and also ensure Magento Best practices:

Proof about the work your potential Magento developers have done reassures your task of hiring. You can always ask for the websites S/He worked for and take a glimpse of their work.

If you are satisfied, ask them if they can make your site upgrade-proof. That means, all the themes and customization will work with the future release or an update of Magento.This will keep you up to date and will not turn every update to a nightmare.

The ideal yardstick to measure your selected Magento developer is to simply ask questions above mentioned and then decide it all by yourself. An experienced developer can do wonders for your online business. Your Magento developer service should adopt brilliant methodologies to deliver a seamless solution and Magento Customization.