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5 Top Reasons To Choose Python As Your Next Web Application Project

Python is one of the most preferred and top programming language for web application development.

5 Top Reasons To Choose Python As Your Next Web Application Project

Wednesday November 28, 2018,

4 min Read

Python is one of the most popular programming languages for the past few years. Because of its stability and reliability, Python development services are being used by many businesses globally since its inception. Python for web application development came into existence from the 1980’s. Many other web development languages developed after it didn’t damage the reputation of Python.

According to, Python is currently powering 1.1% of all websites running on server-side programming languages. The most used version of Python used is version 2 with 77.6% usage. As of now, Python is the third most used programming language after Java and ASP.NET.

According to the TIOBE programming index, Python was one of the best programming languages for the year 2007 and 2010 and is currently on the 5th spot from the top. Since its inception, Python has always been in top 10 programming languages.

Python was developed using object-oriented paradigm and has edge over other programming languages. There are many aspects why businesses are preferring to hire Python coders and developers because of its huge demand. Some of its features like robustness and quick performance allow Python developers to create new web applications.

In this post, we will discuss some of the important reasons why businesses should use Python development services for their web application development.

1.Easy to Use

One of the big advantages of using Python for web application development in Python is easy to use and understandable, unlike other programming languages. Python development services are designed from the purpose of being used by beginners with their simple-to-learn syntax. The syntax in Python is easy to learn for the non-developer and codes are easier to develop. Moreover, whenever you are having some bug in the application without any need to call the Python developers all the time you can easily manage it yourself.

2.Python is Free to Use

Python and all its supported set of tools, libraries, and modules are free to use. The Python development companies won’t charge any fees for any such things. There are so many Python IDEs that are free to download like Pydev with Eclipse, PTVs, and Spyder Python all are free to download. This is one of the biggest advantages which makes Python better than any other programming languages.

3.Speed and Productivity

Python offers object-oriented design, capabilities for controlling process. Plus it possesses capabilities to process text and it has its own unit testing framework, all of them combining provides both speed and productivity. With this Python development companies make much better web applications for their clients.

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4.Great Developer Community

There are very few open source communities which are totally devoted as well as expansive as Python. There are millions of Python developers and tech support team who works regularly to improve the core functionality and features of Python. Moreover, any kind of support can be found easily.

5.All in One Tool

Python is one of the most affordable and secure programming languages used for web application development. It is widely available on popular operating systems like Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and UNIX. Python outshines other programming languages in terms of basic CGI scripting to collaborating web apps with huge frameworks like Django. The web application built using Python is mostly developed using Django or Flask module. In addition, to be robust and fast, Python is also portable and scalable.


Final Note

Any kind of web application development can be done using Python. It always acts like an important asset for Python developers and many Python development companies. Because of its speed, ease of use, low-cost maintenance, and free debugging of the source code. Python is recognized as one of the supergiants of programming languages.

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