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Let Tripsee plan your next travel with doses of adventure and partying!!!

These 25 year olds from Surat are on a mission to combine experiential travel with parties- just how our generation likes it!! A trip with Tripsee will give memories of a lifetime with lots adventure, food, booze and fun!!!!

Wednesday July 06, 2016,

4 min Read

Wish to meet Israelis in Kasol? Or have skiing lessons in Gulmarg? Or want to party the night away in Thailand’s full moon party?

Tripsee, based out of Surat, was born with the purpose of delivering experiencial travels-those which Indian youngsters crave and also deserve, after gruelling semesters in colleges and long hours in offices.

“All of us have seen TV Shows and movies that feature these cool holidays where a bunch of friends go for ski trips or hiking or a party vacation to exotic destinations, to celebrate graduation or bachelorhood or just for pure fun! This inspired us to bring Tripsee and be the cool holiday planners for our youth”, says 25 year old Siddharth Bapna, co-founder of Tripsee. Siddharth, along with his 2 other co-founders Pratik Patwari, Anay Damani and a partner Aseem Jain, feels that not everyone can afford going to most foreign locales so they decided to provide exclusively curated experience based travel plans to destinations like Kasol, Dharamsala, Goa, Ladakh and Thailand amongst others.

The Travel Bug

It began with musings and brainstorming sessions starting in November 2014 and ultimately they started operations in March 2015. The team solely relies on bootstrapping for finance, but has also traded equity in the past for specialised services to enhance the overall performance with an added sense of belongingness. The young squad, all from CA or CFA background doesn’t believe that its their finance, business and accounting skill which got them a long way, but the wanderlust bug they are bit by. With pure passion and determination they have catered to over 250 travellers over 24-25 destinations throughout the world.

Surat-Land of opportunities

Being based in a tier-2 city, they did face initial difficulties to get talented people who would share the same ideas for their venture, but Surat is definitely a land of opportunities. “The startup ecosystem is growing fast here and people are very open and welcoming to try new things, so we were received very positively and soon word of mouth publicity become our strongest marketing tool,” says Siddharth, who is optimistic about Surat as a city for entrepreneurs. Along with the website, they have an FB page, a twitter handle and an Instagram page, which they leverage to spread the information about their upcoming trips to a wider audience.

The cool & quirky quotient

Tripsee is not your any other online travel specialist, it is very different and unique-be it their itineraries or other interactive features. Apart from constantly adding newer destination and organising adventure surfing or ski trips, Tripsee team travels to all their destinations beforehand to get the essence of the place and merge its authenticity with their concept of party based travel. You could be staying in a jungle lodge and partying in the wilderness or dancing to your heart’s content in a neon party in Bankgkok. “We make sure that we surprise our travellers at every level and let them soak in the beauty of the offbeat locations by accommodating them in lodges or camps or hostels, than fancy hotels”, says Siddharth. “With offbeat locations, come even better party destinations!”, quip the other founders. Targetting people from 18 to 30s, Tripsee is one of its own kind of party based travel company in India.

Word to entrepreneurs who want to take the plunge

‘Its very important to understand the difference between your interest and your passion and then find a common ground for the two. Traveling is something we have always been interested in, but we were passionate to bring something new on the table. As a result, Tripsee was born.’, remarks Siddharth. He says that its important to plan, but it is equally important to get started and actually start ‘doing’, rather than waiting for the right time. Being impatient and carving your own way to reach the summit- of excellence and success, is what the team believes in.