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RMS School: Purging the education of its rotten state by bringing TISS for Tricity!

Going Beyond Books...

RMS School: Purging the education of its rotten state by bringing TISS for Tricity!

Saturday October 15, 2016,

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RealPro Management and Skill School (RMS School) is a start up providing need based and employment oriented programs which includes courses in collaboration with TISS. Tata Institute of Social Sciences, based in Mumbai, has been a part of countless success stories since 1936. Real estate courses and other trainings by RMS is just cherry on the top for Tricity!

Talking about Mumbai, it’s quite evident that education in Mumbai is a dream for many students who live in northern or eastern part of India and wish for a quality education like of Mumbai. As they cannot afford living there at high rents for their education, they usually just drop their idea of proficiency for this sake. Also, we will find that the number of educational institutes in Mumbai is not in proportion to the ever increasing population of it as this metropolitan city attracts migrants from all over India. As a result, the admission process can be challenging. Focusing on these issues, RMS has now made it possible to bring the buzz creator TISS of Mumbai to our lovely Tricity!

Candidates can now get the benefit of working on “earn while you learn” model in their hometown. It provides corporate training to the students and takes them to live working environment of the companies like Colgate Palmolive, Bharti Axa Ltd., SMC Insurance, Policy Bazar, First India Insurance, etc making them capable enough to get hired by industry giants right after the course completion.

Where new thinking thrives!

RMS believes it is only skill and not degree which brings financial independence, whether you want to do a job or launch your own business. Also, many of the skills perceived as important by the graduates are hard skills but employers also look for soft skills in candidates.Understanding the need of the hour, soft skills training has been also included by RMS to help all those students and professionals who wish to grow in their career and life. Soft skills which include communication skills (especially business language English), presentation skills, listening skills, interpersonal skills (IPR), time and stress management etc have a major role to play in the corporate world. Skill India initiative taken by PM Modi pinpoints its importance in general as well.

RMS is the only of its kind that provides a complete comprehensive program in Managerial Entrepreneurial Skill Development in Real Estate. Extensive study in the subject coupled with field trips, industry meets and implementation of best practice make it not only the preferred, but the only choice. More practical than theory is what it aims at. All its courses are carefully chosen by the Team after observing the demand and need of the industry.

Real estate is the 3rd fastest growing industry. With the help of government initiatives like “Housing for All” and passage of the “Real Estate Regulation and Development Act 2016”, the industry is expected to grow by leaps and bounds.

According to MR. B.S. Arora, “People buy, from people they trust. Our aim is to bring revolutionary professionalism in Real Estate and help the Indian middle class, which is both an end user and harbinger of growth.”

Having a good taste!

Lashing out on various courses but still not getting hired is a common scenario we all are witness of. Glancing at other side of the coin, even companies find it difficult to get employable students for their company. Not only is the quality of education for the masses shockingly bad, it is getting worse over time. Studies indicate that states are rushing to achieve enrollment targets but providing substandard education in the process. This case is found more in northern part of India. RMS along with TISS is a big relief for both job hoper and employer of Tricity as TISS holds record of 100% placement for its students and has always been a centre for excellence. The list of courses including Post Diploma courses of Human Resources Management and Sales & Marketing Management by TISS is a great deal for many aspirants looking for a rewarding career.

Wish for more and the Generous Genie arrives! Also getting opportunity to get trained through short term courses certified by TISS is adding more flavors for the lovely Tricity. These certificate courses are - Certificate in Office Administration Management, Digital Marketing, Recruitment Management, and Payroll Management which are of duration 120 Hours. Those of 60 Hours are as Certificate in B2B Sales, Tele Sales, Selling Skills, Advertisement & Media Planning, Rural Marketing, Field Sales, Retail Sales, and E-Commerce. TISS being as amazing as usual has already proved its mettle for many states and now its turn for Tricity with the help of RMS!

Going a long way

To become one of the most preferred ones by employers is a hard nut to crack. TISS making it easy for students in all its courses is a reliable institute since 1936 to look on! The best advertising is done by satisfied customers, right? Here’s what they have to say:

Amit Singh, an HR Scholar, says;

Why TISS? I got so many reasons to share!

As per Abhishek De;

The reputation of the brand is immense in the market and one DOES get the advantage of being at the top of the food chain in HR.

TISS has constantly responded to emerging challenges, dynamically reinventing itself in the process. So now is the time to get rid of being messed around by the rotten education by joining none other than TISS in hometown only at RMS School. The Success Mantra of RMS is;