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Online bill payment: Why online bill payment is better than physical payments

Thursday August 10, 2017,

5 min Read

Many of us stood in a long queue to pay the bills. But everything has changed with the evolution of the internet. Once there was a time when people were hesitated to pay their bills online. Because they never trusted the security of internet transactions and they were afraid to lose their money. But now the trend is changed, many of our efforts have been reduced with the help of internet.

Now you can pay your all kind of bills online whether it is mobile recharge or booking or electricity bill payment. Each and every task can be done online all you need is internet and mobile or laptop. Just visit the site and rest will be done in few steps.

People think that online bill payment through the phone is not the secure and safe option. If you also think so then let me tell you one thing that there are encryption keys and gateways to provide security for online customers.

Online bill payment will simply make your life simple. Compared to before time now you don't have to wait in long queues to pay your bills. But now over the years, online payments have become so popular.

It makes our financial management so easy. Here are few advantages of Online bill payment:


online bill payment is extremely convenient. You can pay your bills from the home no need to go to retailer or bill collection center to pay your electricity or gas bill. Suppose it is heavy raining day and it is the last date of bill payment. How will you go to collection center? In such situations, online payment will save you.

Because of its ease and the accessibility of online payment, most of the people are paying their bills online.

No exchange problem:

online payment is much simpler compared to paying for cash and no change issue is also solved. You can pay the exact amount as it is in the bill without thinking about change. So opt online bill payment and go cashless.


online payment is eco-friendly as you are paying over the internet you can save a paper every time and it helps to save the tree. You can get the receipt of your payment by email and you can save as pdf also. If everyone pays online thousands of papers will be saved because there is lots of paper work in the physical form of bill payment.

Even the government is also encouraging the people to adopt the digital payment method rather than conventional payments. Go green with online bill payments.

Time saver:

This is one of the greatest advantages, paying bills online will save your lots of time. Just try once online bill payment and you will get to know how fast the procedure is. All you have to do is just visit the site, log in with your user name password and select the utility bills payment option and enter the customer's details. Select the payment mode whether it is net banking or wallet payment or credit card payment. That’s it, your payment is done it will hardly take 5 minutes and if you go for offline payment you can waste approx 1 hour.

Tracking of payments is easy:

If you pay your bills online you can manage your invoices without carrying paper bills and cheque. You will receive an email for every transaction, which can be stored safely in a mailbox. You can access those emails from any place all you need is a working internet connection and mobile phone or computer or laptop. Online document hardly occupies KBs you can manage thousands of documents but if you want to manage paper copies of those emails it will be tough for you to carry them everywhere.

Secure and safe payment gateways:

the more people adopting online payments, websites are securing their transactions pages with SSL encryptions. SSL encryptions provide security to the pages while you are making online payments. It prevents hackers from breaking the security. Bank payment gateways are also becoming more secure to provide secure payment.

Save money:

By paying online you can save on cheques and stamps as well as envelopes. You don't have to pay for all these and infect you can save on fuel also. You don't need to rush to the bill collection center every month for paying electricity bill and gas bills. You can pay from home and save fuel as well as your precious time.

Good news for customers is that you can pay online bill payments, recharges and bookings at one stop. is the place where you can pay your all kind of bills and book your bus as well as hotels. East is giving cash back offers up to 100% on every recharge over ₹10. you can use net banking or debit card, credit card or wallet for payments. So what are you waiting for? Install the application or visit the website today and get the amazing offers and pay bills anytime in just a few clicks.