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4 entrepreneur emotions, you can take advantage of.

4 entrepreneur emotions, you can take advantage of.

Friday November 25, 2016,

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Entrepreneur lifestyle is full of emotions. New idea gives so much excitement, you share with your staff and family, nobody believes it and if they do, then after 4-5 days you start reacting yourself - will it work? After a while your imagination become passion, you work day and night for it and there are always more than 100 “No” to meet 1 “yes” for your innovative ideas. You tend to seek for advices from experts and the advice you get can be implemented in 1 year or 2 or for regular working days.

Working hard knock off your time for family and friends. You drive all your energy towards the business or projects. Sometime being a serious entrepreneur, you engage so much into work that your schedule for food, exercise get imbalanced. There are always ups and downs, sometime you get stress from work, legal work can make you annoyed, when good staff leave the job, it is hard to cover his/her space, you may lose valuable investor, not getting proper sale of your products, first 2-3 years it might be hard to survive with your company. There will be lot of reasons that you will get mixed emotions from during your entrepreneurial journey.

Successful entrepreneurs are dealing with all these emotions for years and they know how to react. New entrepreneurs may have difficulties handling those emotion. Sometime with overnight success, you may feel you can do anything and give larger than life interviews or show your unreal personality. Sometimes with failure, you may feel you can not do anything, you were not made to do this or everyone is counting on you and you have nothing left which might feel like this is the end. Here is how you can be productive with your emotions during your entrepreneurial adventure.

Happiness / Success

Everyone knows that success is one of the keys that bring happiness. Sometimes it’s hard for people to handle success. It’s always significant to stay humble and grounded with everybody. When you are at high point, it’s meaningful to inspire others. Take time to know more about your staff, their personality, they are working day and night for your dreams. Encourage them, make strong relations with them, so they will stand beside you in your lows. You can share happiness through humanitarian work , involvement with charities will be extreme influence on your work and your relation with community. Many successful people are also philanthropists. Entrepreneurs read a lot, they always find the time for it and the experience you have got can help other entrepreneurs. It’s valuable if you put down your thoughts as an article or video, so other people can get inspired and find new perspective. People who look happy and successful are an inspiration which you can take advantage of making them your follower which will impact positively on your business. Inspiring others can be a resource for your long lasting happiness.


Staff being irresponsible for delivery of mails or products on time. Bad reviews from customers, pressure from investors are some of the reasons that can make you an angry bird. Being angry and making decisions is sometimes like walking with closed eyes on a cliff. Firing staff and reacting angrily with customers on their reviews are the things not to get involved with. During this time get benefited with cycling or hiking. Hiking will help you to clear your mind and it will also help you to find solution of problems. You can get amazing ideas, better engaging with your staff, you can create positive vibes around you and many different thoughts that can lead you to take a next step. This will help you to revive your energy and maintain health.


Fear comes many time in entrepreneurs adventure. Fear of losing your company/ fund/ investment/ presentation/ product or other. There will always be something . Entrepreneurs should never be influenced by fear. Whoever overcome fear, it will lead him one step near to success. During this time, take advantage of spending times with parents. They are the ones who are always there for you since your childhood. Being with them can make you feel being on the safest place and they will not make you feel alone to deal with your fear. This will engage you with family vacation and continue relationship. Spending time with partner and children will give you one more answer of why to be strong and overcome fear? Being close with family and relations is one the things that can make you happier and some people define that being successful is being happy with family. So, take your time and go back to work with a mindset that if you lose anything that can never be problem for your work and passion.


Sadness is a perfect emotion for entrepreneur success. There is always a reason that makes entrepreneurs sad. During your sadness, reach out for your friends and spend fun time with them. Plan a trip that can include getting new experience and exploring the world along with making some important contacts. There are many entrepreneurs around the world who might need your help to boost up their productivity or you may learn something from them. Solo traveling is always one of the ways how to get new perspective of your life, happiness and success. There are lots of opportunities that your sadness can bring, you can get to know your real friend, people who care about you and give you support. There is lot of things that the world is offering you. Marketing your product or service during a trip can be meaningful, making new contacts/ networking worldwide is a way of awaring people about your product/ service which can make positive impact to your revenue.

Entrepreneur life is busy, stressful, overwhelming. There will be many people and emotions which will always try to take your feet off your way. Whenever you are stressed, take time to meditate, exercise or learn yoga, travel, read, skydive or do something that is interesting for you. You should deal with every problem in positive way, that’s how you will get more experience about work and you will get time to know better yourself and people around you.

Sujan Pariyar is an engineering student | Director of Innovative Social Centre | Founder of inxchan.com | Charity Adviser | Author. He write about entrepreneurship and traveling advices.

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