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Important topics your digital marketing course should have

Important things in Digital Marketing Course

Important topics your digital marketing course should have

Wednesday May 10, 2017,

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“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.” Ian Schafer

I strongly agree to this quote, do you? Of course, you must agree to this as it shows the marketing sphere is changing fast and if we won’t become a part of this change, our business will be doomed in no time!

What I said above fits well in today’s digital marketing arena. Digital marketing is a hot cake today, it’s a booming industry that is running fast on the revolutionary track, and if you won’t follow this track, you’ll be obsolete soon.

For all those who wanna pursue a career in digital marketing and searching impatiently for a useful digital marketing course in Delhi or any part of India, we’re going to give some suggestions, valuable suggestions, so keep reading until you reach the bottom line…..

Before we proceed ahead, let’s clear some fundamentals….

All about Digital Marketing

It’s a booming industry in which you will need to work with the analytical part of a site. One has to apply SEO, PPC & CRO strategy and track the visitors and then apply the strategy as per the need of the project. Client handling and reporting are an indispensable part of this job too.

This will open up new avenues of opportunities for digital marketing to no just run online ads, but also offline that the customers will able to communicate with the help of their smartphones.

Why is it called digital promotion or marketing?

It’s a way of communication through technology to market a message, which involves smartphones, computers, tablets, game consoles and various other devices. And the platforms it makes use of are apps, website, email, social network and so on.

Marketing, what is it?

It’s a process, whose ultimate goal is to communicate the significance or value of a particular product/service to the end users in such a way that they end up buying that particular product or service. If they don’t end up buying it, at least they could show their interest in knowing more about it.

Look, the basics of marketing will never change as it includes a story telling concept about the brand to the people. Society, culture, gender, demographics, etc. cannot be ignored as these are the vital part of any marketing effort. Your message must appear at the exact time when the target audience is already looking for it.

Real-time Facts that you must know to Sharpen your Marketing Skills & Work Accordingly

If you trust latest study, the tech-savvy population in India is increasing. Although internet penetration is yet to cross 16%, but in absolute numbers, the figure works out to about ten times more than the population of Australia.

As per a latest finding the internet users in India are expected to grow to 411.1 million by 2018. At present this figure is around 365.1 million. India is going to be the second largest country in the world after China in terms of internet users.

There are over 82 million monthly active Facebook users in India. And, this figure is expected to grow this year 2016, to become world’s largest Facebook population leaving behind USA and Canada.

What should your Digital Marketing Course or Syllabus cover?

There are some fundamental (important) topics that your course must have. Let me tell you those important topics that an aspiring digital marketer must know before choosing digital marketing course in delhi:

• SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): It’s an organic or can say unpaid way of improving your site’s or web pages’ ranking in various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on. Remember, optimising webpages is really important for digital marketing.

• SMM (Social Media Marketing): It’s gaining a lot of momentum these day with social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. If you’re a digital marketer then you should have the ability to harness the potentiality of social media to promote the brand image of your company.

• SEM (Search Engine Marketing): It’s yet another method of increasing/improving the visibility of a website. It is done through sponsored placements & advertising. An SEM expert should have the idea of running PPC campaigns, purchasing traffic through paid search listing to enhance exposure of web pages across search engines.

• Mobile Marketing: As this is the era of technical boom, everything seems going mobile. Smartphone users have increased manifolds in recent years. So, being a mobile marketer, you must provide instant updates, offers and information as per your customers’ interest. If you wanna go into the mobile marketing field, be a complete mobile freak then!

• Email Marketing: This is the best yet cheapest way to engage your customers. Sending periodic email campaigns, newsletters, etc. to your subscribers is the best way to keep them informed about your recent products and services along with new announcements, deals, discounts and offers.

• Web Analytics: It is a very interesting yet important aspect of digital marketing. This section involves analysis of traffic, business & market research and boosting the traffic. You can take the help of Google analytics to know your site’s performance.

So, if you want to pursue a career in Digital Marketing domain, ensure the digital marketing institute in delhi or in other city you choose should have all the above topics covered in their course.