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Why businesses must use landline texting for effective support service?

Why businesses must use landline texting for effective support service?

Wednesday September 06, 2017,

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According to studies millions of SMS get sent to a landline number daily. As these landline numbers are not text enabled these messages never reached to the concerned department and that’s why they could never respond or react on the raised concern. On the other hand, the customers who are unaware of the fact that the sent SMS is never received get a sense that the business they are dealing with is unprofessional with an extremely poor support service that doesn't even care to respond to the customer concern.


According to the study results, the 75% of these messages are sent asking for a support or raising a concern. As a business owner, you must be aware of the fact that the poor support service damages the company reputation seriously. Here, it is extremely difficult to stop these people from sending SMS to Landline of your business as they must be taking it from some directory, business card or marketing collateral. You can’t reach mass and ask them to call you or send an SMS to your predefined mobile number. This is almost impossible. The simplest solution is text enable your main line number with the landline texting service .

The landline texting service can be used for one or more landline or toll-free numbers. It will allow you to receive and send SMS as well as MMS over the main line of the company. It ensures you receive each message sent over your business line. Furthermore, the landline texting comes with some amazing features such as automated reply. Using this feature you can send an acknowledgment response to the sender to indicate the concern is received and will be addressed soon. 

The support team can use the Mass Messaging feature to acknowledge customers about scheduled maintenance hours during which they may face system issues. There are many more features which can work in favor of a support team. 

The SMS to Landline solution can be used on monthly subscription without any long term contracts.