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How can SEO specialist become AI engineer who manages product?

Here are the ways i Started my career as AI Product Manager Or AI Engineer with Experience as SEO Specialist

How can SEO specialist become AI engineer who manages product?

Tuesday August 21, 2018,

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How I stood self-holding my passion for years to grab the experience I want, getting certified, till today?

I learned all my skills, hobbies, and more from my experiences, which helped me to work for myself fulfilling my own goals either for “the other man, or for a company”, I always think of an opportunity to work for my dreams & Goals, instead of managing or working for fulfilling dreams of others.

I only had a graduation degree but nothing else includes support, guidance, finance etc. when I started my career in 2011’s, later after spending 3 years understood that I was working on with a wrong plan. I understood that the daily needs, bills forced me to stay with first company. Then taken risk to move further in my career, went for a night shift opportunity, so to find time to learn more new things I should learn. This really helped, understood deep me, found many versions of me. Few takeaways were knowing my expertise i.e. analytics, acquisition, understanding, making things happen, taking authority, feeling responsible and many more which drives me to become the best employee for any employer. But this was not any of my Dreams. Hating myself behind, risked my life by resigning job and left Hyderabad, reached Bangalore.

I’m aware that nobody pays decent wage for “what I had to offer”. Finally, I had an opportunity to work for a start-up, I learned the things or skills for which employers pay more here. Few are link acquisition, analytics, content marketing, PPC, Product Management. Having years of experience as a techie or Product manager, SEO, knowing to do like stuff needed is never my assert for getting hired, but always recognitions, references, certifications play the key role for becoming a better choice for the opportunities around me. So, stayed back compromising, on the other hand started looking for an opportunity to become certified, not only to get offers, but also to raise a request for funding for my start-up.

Finally, on April 2018 I was recommended to go for an opportunity to work for an Edu-tech so to allow me, stay deep into my passion, understand how business grows from scratch, my strengths & weaknesses and skills I must have so to be the best-paid, on the other side as I need bit more experience to stand high. This idea or recommendation never completely discouraged me “about this whole idea of working for myself” but popped into my head so frequently and let me stay motivated, hold the crush. During these days till today, while I was sitting at work, many times begged the earth to spin little faster to become experienced, so to become eligible to become certified & full fill my dreams,that day came and enabled me to become experienced, fitting eligibility of taking the test. I took the test & get certified.

How things went later after Becoming Certified?

Getting Certified, I was given an opportunity to take over a job to work for a potential client, but that made me feel like that I had absolutely no idea of what will work, so to fix the problems faced by businesses when doing what it's doing, which never make a sense because that is what exactly I have been doing at work for years from now. I give up the project, kept away the idea of being an entrepreneur for a little while. I would be able to work for the chosen start-up so to learn a bit more here and there while at work.

To hold my dream while working with employer, occasionally I taken up tiny jobs to understand my abilities of managing, execution and convincing clients with things they want, getting back clients with other tiny tasks etc. I understood it is working for me, self-learning is making me be like I wanted to be. But still, I don't have hope that I can manage myself quitting the job and be as I wanted to be. I have no idea on.

Understanding Moto beyond my Dream to work for myself:

That moment while had a thought “I would be able to start working for myself now, being experienced these years, go for an opportunity to get certified” mean that:

Take up jobs of my own. The Experience, Certifications would be something to show up me, so any potential client would be able to trust me on more than my word alone.

Things that Worked for Me to lead the life I want:

Identifying passion: here is the rule

find an opportunity to create a need for the real world to work on, analyse your resources, skills, abilities, group them to find your passion

How this rule worked for me for identifying my passion?

As fellow being I also waited for some luck to happen, looked for suggestions from my friends, letting myself get so discouraged while feeling like I would never be able to be the entrepreneur to work for myself.

Suggestions was one that helped me i.e. “to get the idea, “where were the opportunities” “what you want to work on” or “what will work for you”, you should be skill enough to get the idea”, the whole idea behind is go for training on the need skills.

As said earlier analyzing, being authority, management & doing SEO is my bread and butter, I will be fitting for fixing the product management issues. I was suggested by my friend for taking software development, product management, digital marketing & Artificial Intelligence course from leading Edu-Tech’s like SImplilearn, Coursera, edx, etc.,

Finally, I took an AI Course offered by Simplilearn and along with other courses that guides me on how to manage a product using AI, how to manage company or business web presence online, how to approach for thing’s worried me, and other hand with which I can become certified AI Engineer or Product Manager digital marketing expert & finally, I had my confidence restored. Started to work on plans to maintain pace of my dreams to become an entrepreneur. I never forget the words of my Grandpa i.e.

There were many years yet to go, today you can happily say that I can get enough to start working entirely for myself.

I’ve to quit the office once and for all! No more working for “the company or the individual”; later soon, once I get to control what I do, when I do it, and how much I get paid.

I recommend Simplilearn for Getting Courses to become a Data Scientist, AI Engineer, Project Manager, Digital Marketing Expert, Scrum Master, Mean Stack developer or any as this Edu-tech offers OSL/ Self-learning courses providing full access to live videos of instructors, quizzes, practice tests, study materials at affordable prices.

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