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Top 10 Best Astrologer in Gurgaon

We bring you Best Astrologer in Gurgaon from different parts of the country who are experts in their field and they are highly recommended in Gurgaon.

Top 10 Best Astrologer in Gurgaon

Saturday May 23, 2020,

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Human beings are predominantly aware that the universe is governed by a force, divine or external, that impacts our daily life. While there is a percentage of people who may not have belief, the global populace at large does believe in some influences the planetary system and stars have on our fate. Indian astrology or better still Hindu astrology is one of the most widely respected and practiced across the country. The foundation of Hindu astrology is based on the Vedas. The Hindus strongly believe that the planetary positioning and movement at the time of birth impact our lives, and the influences are a result of our karmic past. The Navagrahas (planetary system) are associated with the Supreme Being and hence rule our lives.

India abounds in best astrologers practicing various forms of Hindu astrology. Most of them have in-depth knowledge of the subject as well as Hindu scriptures that help them give accurate readings and predictions. They also resolve issues for individuals through advice and remedial measures that can help them overcome testing situations in life.

We bring you astrologers from different parts of the country who are experts in their field and come highly recommended. Here are the Top 10 Astrologers in Gurgaon.

Top 10 Best Astrologer In Gurgaon

1) Shri Chetan Sharma

This eminent astrologer holds a master’s degree. He has immense knowledge in the field of astrology and specializes in Lagan Kundli. He has excellent expertise in Lagan charts and Lagan Kundlis.

Shri Chetan Sharma is a renowned astrologer with a large clientele, and he has amazing accuracy in his predictions on birth charts. He is known for giving his clients correct predictions based on their Lagan Kundlis. This eminent astrologer is highly skilled in Nadi Astrology and Numerology. He provides sound advice to his clients and prefers giving them affordable and straightforward solutions. Shri Chetan Sharma has seven years of experience in the field of astrology. He is a resident of Haryana and is fluent in English, Hindi, and Punjabi.

2) Ms. Pooja Bhatia

This famous astrologer is a gold medallist from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. She has immense knowledge in the field of astrology and is a brilliant Tarot Card Reader. She has over ten years of experience, being a Life Counsellor and Trainer.

Ms. Pooja Bhatia has her expertise in Vedic Astrology and Tarot Card reading. She writes horoscopes for magazines. This renowned astrologer has been associated with top television channels and has regularly featured on their shows, including Sadhana TV, India News, Ishwar Channel, TV 100, and Ahsaas TV. She has an extensive clientele that includes sports personalities and television stars. Her clients are international too. 

Ms. Bhatia’s dedication is well recognized, and she is an expert in the field of astrology and occult sciences. A resident of Faridabad, she is fluent in English and Hindi.

3) Shri N.K. Shandeley Ji

The eminent astrologer had a fascination for astrology from a young age. He has immense knowledge in the field of astrology and is an expert in Vaastu, Palm Reading, Janam Kundali, among others. His readings of horoscopes and his predictions have been amazingly accurate. He has an extensive client base in NCR Delhi, Gurgaon, and abroad, including the United Kingdom, the United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Japan, and Russia.

He offers effective remedial measures and sound advice to his clients, and they have always proved extremely effective. This renowned astrologer is a resident of Gurgaon.

4) Dr. Priti Kapoor

A renowned astrologer, Dr. Priti Kapoor, applies scientific principles and techniques to her astrological methods. She provides astrological services to her clients based on logic and scientific explanations. She views astrology as a science and offers realistic and practical solutions to the problems of her clients based on different aspects of life.

Dr. Priti Kapoor has twenty years of experience in the field of astrology and has appeared in numerous television shows and F.M. channels to share her views on astrology with viewers and listeners. She has been a distinguished guest on channels that include D.D. News, Shakti T.V., Space T.V., Star News, Zee News, India TV, NDTV Good Times, among others. Her astrological services include Astro-Numerology, Online Horoscopes, and Alternate Therapies. She is a resident of Gurgaon.

5) Ms. Prama Chopra

A renowned astrologer, Ms. Prama Chopra, is also a Vaastu Consultant. She was bestowed a Certificate of Merit by the Women’s College, Benaras Hindu University, in her B.A. Honours (Indian Religion and Indian Culture). She completed her master’s in Ancient Indian History, Culture, and Archaeology from the Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi.  She has been associated with a lot of research in the field of Archaeology. A scholar of Hindu religion, Ms. Chopra has vast ancestral and astrological knowledge. She offers astrological services to her clients on astrology, numerology, Vaastu Shastra, and Indian culture. She is a resident of Gurgaon.

6) Shri Guru Ji Desh Raj

This eminent astrologer is renowned in the field of Vedic Astrology. He is a Jyotish, spiritual consultant, numerologist, and palmist with several years of experience. His focus is rooted in predictive astrology consultations and Vaastu consultations. He is incredibly accurate in his readings and predictions. He offers services on issues related to love and relationship, marriage, health, emotional status, life decisions, children, life evolution, career, finance, and property-related matters.

This eminent astrologer’s services include astrology consulting, palmistry, Karam Kand, and Astro shopping. He is a resident of Gurgaon.

7) Shri Guruji Vashisht

A mechanical engineer by profession, Shri Guruji Vashisht veered towards astrology, for which he had great passion. He studied astrology and occult sciences. His expertise lies in astrology, palmistry, Lal Kitab, yoga, and meditation, Vaastu, Mantar Sadhana, and Occult Science, among others. He has vast experience in Vedic Astrology and gives accurate predictions and remedies for problems.

Shri Guru Ji Vashisht is a famous writer, editor, and author of books on astrology and gemology.

This eminent astrologer has been a distinguished guest on many television channels. His expertise lies in Vedic Astrology. His astrological services include Lal Kitab Amrit, Horoscopes in English and Hindi, Choghadiya, Dainik Panchang, and Celebrity Horoscopes. He is a resident of Gurgaon.

8) Shri Acharya Saarthak

Hailing from a renowned family of astrologers, Shri Acharya Sarthak has inherited immense knowledge on astrology from his forefathers. He showed amazing prowess in astrology from a young age and surprised people with his sound knowledge on Jyotish Shastra. He is an expert in Yogini Dasha, Tajik Varsh Phal method, and uses numbers to predict the past, present, and future.

This renowned astrologer is a master in gemstone recommendation and is a firm believer that f the time and transit are perfect, then there is no requirement for remedies. An expert in occult sciences that include astrology, Vaastu Shastra, numerology, Prashna Shastra, Shri Acharya Saarthak provides incredibly accurate readings and predictions to his clients in issues related to marriage, childbirth, profession, business, travel, legal and litigations. He is a resident of Gurgaon and is fluent in Hindi.

9) Ms.Pooja Sharma

A keen follower of ancient Indian astrology, Ms. Pooja Sharma falls back on ancient Vedic principles and simple yet effective methods from Lal Kitab to resolve issues for her numerous clients. She has immense knowledge of astrology and gives accurate readings and predictions to her clientele. She offers practical and sound advice as well as simple remedial measures to her clients on issues related to numerous aspects of life.

Ms. Sharma offers astrological services on areas that include astrology, numerology, Vaastu Shastra, Tarot Card Reading, and Lal Kitab. She is a resident of Gurgaon.

10) Shri Acharya Rishi

Hailing from a traditional Brahmin family, Shri Acharya Rishi developed a keen interest in astrology and related sciences. As a child, he learned astrology from his father and guru. He went on to complete a professional course in astrology and his Jyotish Acharya from a reputed institute.

This talented astrologer has gained immense knowledge in the field of astrology and has expertise in Ganit, Muhurta, and Prashna Astrology. He bases his readings and predictions on scientific methods. He provides solutions and remedial measures to his clients on issues related to health, family, children, education, business, and career, among others. Shri Acharya Rishi has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past twelve years. He is a resident of Gurgaon and is fluent in Hindi.