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6 ways drones are impacting business operations

Drone technology has a great future and in fact, has already started impacting business operations.

6 ways drones are impacting business operations

Wednesday May 02, 2018,

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Drone technology has a great future and in fact, has already started impacting business operations. The unmanned aerial technology is so versatile that it can be used in n number of ways and operations. Its usage in past has been immensely successful in military services and delivery services. The drone technology is not limited to use in military and delivery areas. They are used in other business operations as well and the results are amazing. In this article, we describe six ways drones are impacting business operations.

1. Delivery

To understand the impact and usefulness of Drones in business operations we can relate the Amazon’s move to file patent for delivery using Amazon prime air in India which is a delivery system to deliver packages with the help of drones. Imagine a drone flying up in the air and beating all the traffic, carrying its package via aerial navigation to the recipient. Not only will it revolutionize the delivery systems in time to come, it will also save the delivery time and manpower besides being cool in itself.

2. Agriculture

Unlike delivery services, the land area in agriculture is concentrated and non-distributed. The area remains huge for a human to cover, even with the help of vehicles. Besides, vehicles need their own operating space and the unnecessary cost incurred in filling the tank and travel till field with no productivity. A drone can do a targeted spray of crop seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. This precision can increase the productivity and save a lot of manual effort. Not only this, the time saved can be used by farmers on other areas which mean more profit. It’s going to be a sort agricultural spraying revolution in future. In fact some fields have already started using drones for agriculture and you can imagine the ease in life for the owners.

3. Drone Manufacturers

It is estimated that drone sales will go higher and the worth value of drone industry will be in scale of 100 billion. Now if we leave the military operations aside, the business operations are also going to inculcate drones in their functioning. Indeed the military and businesses will benefit from this, but the drone manufacturing companies are going to see a huge rise too. In fact, new and stylish models like holy stone x400c are making it evident that the drone manufacturing is going to be a huge investment area in future.

4. Airline industries

International Air Transport Association has carried out various tests on drones to carry the safety checks on those parts of airplanes which are not easily reached and accessible to human. The importance of safety in airlines cannot be undermined and thus the use and impact of drones in airline industries is immense.

5. Journalism and cinematography 

During the emergency situations like curfew drones have been used to sense the activities going around the area in past. The aerial view can help in sensing any tension and be used responsibly for establishing peace and informing citizens about the situation in a specific area. The cinema industry cannot be more thankful with invention of drones. The task of shooting touch scenes have now become a piece of cake and its use will only continue to play more part.

6. Construction

Before theodolites were invented, surveying used to be way harder than it became after theodolites. The similar impact will follow when drones will be used for surveying areas. It can be used for mapping and inspecting gigantic structures like bridges and tall buildings.


The above six areas are not the only ones where drones are impacting business operations or will impact in future. There are numerous possibilities of using drone technology in businesses and the smartest of companies will be the ones who take a step towards setting themselves as pioneers in using drones.