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7 Best Accounting Software for Young Entrepreneurs in 2019

As a new entrepreneur, are you looking for perfect accounting software? If yes, then, read this article thoroughly to explore the best options.

7 Best Accounting Software for Young Entrepreneurs in 2019

Sunday July 28, 2019,

4 min Read

For young entrepreneurs, it is very challenging to track the expenses and maintain all records about the business manually. With the advancements in technology, the programmers introduced automated accounting software for the reliability of the business owners. Accounting software benefits you by managing your business’ transactions through automated computer programs.

Accounting software wipes out human errors and provides accuracy in the results. Accounting systems are all about the tracking cash flow, customizing the invoices and maintain the reports about the transactions. The list of best accounting software for small businesses and young entrepreneurs are enlisted below.

Accounting Software for Young Entrepreneurs


FreshBooks is considered as one of the best accounting software for the businesses, and the journey of FreshBooks was started in January 2003. FreshBooks is specially created to services-based firms like web professional, design agency or marketing agency, etc. The most distinct and useful features of FreshBooks are mentioned here.

  • Automatic expense import
  • Customized invoices
  • Invoice processing
  • Due date tracking
  • Automatic notifications
  • Late payment reminders
  • And many others

These features are enough for tracking the expenses and the software serves the customers with multi-currency and multi-lingual abilities.


QuickBooks is another business’ tool to track the expenses, customize the invoices and maintains the reports of the transactions related to your business. This accounting software provides secure access on any device. It also tracks the expenses and revenue on behalf of the user. To know about more exciting features of this software, you can also read the comprehensive review of Quickbooks here. On the other hand, it provides the balance sheet, profit/loss report and GST reports for tax calculation. The significant features of this accounting software are listed below:

  • Tracks your cash flows
  • Manages your business to stay organized
  • Creates invoices and receipts
  • Displays the point where your business lies through reports and dashboard
  • Instant customer support services
  • Free 30 days trial for customers
  • And much more

You can keep track of your transactions easily to manage your business through this capable accounting software.


Wave is an award-winning financial software for entrepreneurs that lies among the list of best accounting software for businesses. This accounting software manages all the income and expenses of the business. It maintains the revenue, liabilities, and assets and provides the user with the most accurate reporting system by giving the balance sheets, general ledgers, etc. It is considered as the best software for service-providing individuals and companies, i.e. freelancers, etc. The most prominent features of Wave are listed below:

  • Tracks the income & expenses
  • Creates & sends professional invoices to the customers
  • Scans the receipts from anywhere at anytime
  • Provides all reports to the users
  • And many others

Sage 50cloud

Sage 50cloud is one of the best accounting software systems for the small & medium scale businesses. The company has won many international awards for its quality services, i.e. Superbrands Status 2019, G2 Crowd Leader Award and many others. It maintains all the records related to all transactions, including income and expenses for small, medium and large scale businesses. The following features are the most unique and attractive features of Sage 50cloud.

  • Automated billing system
  • Forecasting
  • Inventory management and optimization
  • Sales orders
  • Purchase order management
  • And much more


Xero is an accounting software system that provides you with the services of real-time cash flow view. It is amongst the best accounting software systems because of its ultimate features like online invoicing system. You can import your latest bank transactions into Xero easily in an instant. The most popular features of Xero accounting software are given below:

  • Creates professional invoices and receives updates when those invoices are opened
  • Imports and categorizes your banking transactions easily
  • Financial reporting
  • Unlimited email support without any cost
  • Receives bills electronically
  • And much more


GnuCash is financial accounting software and considered as the best financial accounting partner for small businesses and individuals. The accounting software helps to maintain double entry cash flows with accurate reporting regarding transactions of the businesses. It is very flexible, powerful and easy-to-use accounting software with useful features, and those features are mentioned below:

  • Double-entry accounting
  • Maintains the mutual fund accounts
  • Scheduled transactions
  • Financial calculations
  • Reporting
  • And much more


Quicken is a personal finance management tool for people to manage all transactions inflexible and easy-to-use accounting software. It provides excellent customer support services and updates on the software system. The software maintains all cash flows and operations and provides accurate reporting to the customers. The useful features of Quicken are listed below:

  • Makes budget
  • Views & pays bills
  • Tracks your investments
  • Manages your small businesses
  • Tracks your expenses and income
  • And much more