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7 Tips to Consider Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Company in UK

While selecting a mobile app development company, consider these 7 tips that can help you in making a well-concerted decision.

7 Tips to Consider Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Company in UK

Wednesday July 24, 2019,

4 min Read

In the past few years, there has been a tremendous requirement of a mobile app or an enterprise mobility solution among companies and businesses. This growing need is due to the various benefits an app provides which include flawless performance, more conversions, and better growth rate.

But in order to reap the benefits of app development, finding an app development partner is important. Often we have seen businesses finding it difficult to get to the right Mobile App Development Company in UK that is reliable enough and has the required skills and expertise to carry out the most advanced and complex requirements.

In this article, we will discuss 7 tips to keep in mind before hiring a mobile app development agency.

Points To Examine Before Hiring an App Development Company

1. Company’s Ratings and Customer Feedback

The first step to hire a Mobile App Development Company is to look at your development partner’s ratings. For this, you can visit the company’s portfolio. This will give you an idea about the company‘s past app development projects. You can also consider contacting a company’s previous clients or read their reviews on leading platforms like Clutch, Good firms, etc.

By reading clients reviews and app’s success rate you can easily understand whether you should consider handing them your project or not.

2. Agreements for Security of App Idea

Often it is heard that app idea or concept is being stolen thus raising a big threat to app owners. There have been instances of data breaching from the app developer’s end which leads to a duplicate app hitting the app store before the original one does. Many big brands have seen this occurrence hence, one need to be careful of this scenario. Hence before you decide to hire a mobile app developer or a company, consider whether the company has strict Non-disclosure and security agreements or not. In case, the company does meet such guidelines, you can consider them for your app development project.

3. Company’s Design Standards

Designs play an important part in the success of an application. Creating the best user experience requires adding suitable components in design mixed with bright colors, the story line (in case of games), animations and expertise on modern tools. So before you hire an app development firm, consider checking their design skills through a demo or by looking at their previous mobile app design projects.

4. Development Path

There is a lot of development path that you can consider for your projects like cross-platform solutions, native app development, web app development, and hybrid app development. Make sure your mobile app development company is well versed in all types of app development.

Moreover, you can ask your company for a prototype for the initial release of payment. Consecutively, you can set project milestones as well making sure you can exit at any stage of development. For checking the development skills of your app developer, consider these 2 points:

a)Skills on trending mobile app technologies

b) Prior experience on related technologies

5. Trusted Testing Measures

We have often seen that after the release of an app, users find it somewhat difficult to access the app features. This happens due to the inability of the development team to test it in the most detailed way. This is why a mobile app design and development agency can lessen your app’s potential testing problems which could have eliminated its chances of rising to fame. So, make sure the company you are outsourcing your project has facilities like a beta release, automation testing, etc.

6. App Support and Maintenance

After an app is developed the app requires periodic improvements in the form of release, updates, bugs removal, etc. Moreover, many mobile app development companies provide free app support which can greatly help you for the initial few years. So, keep a note whether your app developer provides free or affordable support and maintenance for the app or not.

7. Project Communication

At all stages of a project, it is the duty of an app development company to be in touch with the client. For this, make sure you sign up an agreement (written or verbal) where all your project updates are intimated to you. Preferably, a weekly update backed by a monthly meeting should be enough to get things on track if they aren’t.

It is important to shortlist at least a few companies based on the above points before investing in the app idea. Remember, before making this big investment check all the possibilities that could arise in the absence of a reliable app development company.

In case you are looking to hire a mobile app developer for your project, considering contacting Fluper.

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