Top Video On Demand Platform Providers Gunning for Media Disruption

Vakula C
14th Feb 2017
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From crackling radios to cable TV domination and the recent video on demand upheaval, the media and entertainment industry has remained a beehive of events. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar and several other notable media players are betting huge money on the video on demand market.


In fact, Netflix has started its own Original series produced, directed and aired on demand exclusively by it. Parallely, mobile video streaming also has boomed with an explosive effect. 

According to a IAB study, mobile video content watching population has increased by at least 35%. US, Canada, New Zealand, UK, are the leading consumers of on demand video.

In other news, live streaming is also rising its hood as dominating media power. Let’s talk about that later, for now, here are the top video on demand software providers worth every buck spent.

Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay is a Video on demand platform which can be tweaked endlessly to create a proprietary on demand, live or scheduled video streaming. It fits the bill perfectly as a permanent solution for TV channels, video broadcasters, publishers or any other owner of video content.

What sets apart Contus Vplay is that comes equipped extensive abilities for video syndication, delivery and monetization. Further, for content owners it comes with three level of security features consisting of Digital Rights Management, Encryption and Access Control.

Mirror Image

Mirror Image delivers video on demand systems that reduce infrastructure costs while providing a powerful and comprehensive content management system. It’s remarkable quality lies in the swift movement of data from origin server to delivery destinations without letting bandwidth requirements or storage capacities pose as hurdles. Mirror Image also provides support for industry-standard media formats including Real, QuickTime, Flash, Windows Media amidst several others.


Vplayed, a video on demand solution that can be used by businesses to create their own VOD service on any medium. It comes equipped with multiple security mechanisms including access control, encryption and Digital Rights Management. Its fully customizable platform that has power to meet all the video on demand requirements of any magnitude. Education, sports, music websites, entertainment channels, media houses, corporate conferences and much more can benefit from Vplayed video on demand solution.


Mangomolo is a disruptor in the video on demand services industry. Its powerful automation and realtime viewership analytics helps video content owners to make the best of their content. It also delivers high on ad serving and monetization using several models like Preroll, Midroll, Overlay and Post Roll. as a modern-era solution for video demand, Mangomolo also allows video streaming across multiple device formats.


Muvi offers end-to-end video on demand streaming like Netflix, Periscope across a milieu of devices including mobile, web and CMS. Muvi is prepped for instant launch and comes ready with a full-equipped website with 100+ features. It mobile-first strategy, then Muci also offers readymade mobile & TV apps with integrated monetization models.


Comcast allows media houses and enterprises to turn their VOD assets into money-churning assets. It is one of the best vod platforms that simplifies the task of spooling high-definition of videos to screens of varying sizes. Comcast also provides for flexible revenue models comprising of SVOD, TVOD, AVOD among many others.


Brightcove laser points its host on demand video service specifically for publishers/broadcasters, digital marketers and enterprise users. The 360-degree flexible video on demand software comes out of the box with high-end video streaming features including monetization, advertising, Over the Top, TV Everywhere, Live streaming and much more.


Uscreen places itself as a perfect transactional videos on demand software for streaming fitness videos, educational content, membership sites, corporate training and much more. Uscreen makes itself stand apart from competitors with a simple 3-step launch process: content import, customizing layout and direct launch. Built-in payment integrations, user profiles, comprehensive analytics, marketing tools are other addons of Uscreen.


Kaltura is a versatile vod platform software that helps diverse range of users to unleash the power of video for their benefit. The customized video on demand platform has already placed itself as a best fit for campuses, households, enterprises and media corporations.

Oodles Technologies

Oodles got oodles of features that puts it on the top charts of video on demand solutions. Oodles offers video on demand, pay per view and several other transactional video models that are the norm today. The video on demand solution providers claims vast experience in working with multiple video streaming servers like Wowza, Kaltura, Red 5, etc.


Deluxe on demand offers multiple video delivery models including TV Everywhere, VOD management, UHD & HDR, AD monetization, video rental/sell-through, OTT Tv, bandwidth optimization and much more. It is an all in one vod multichannel platform that can source and deliver videos to multiple streams without any hiccups. 

These vod platform providers come equipped with every imaginable feature that takes out the pain in video streaming. They ensure that your videos are streamed to multiple screens easily and quickly without any drop in the video quality.

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