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Social media (luxury vs privacy)

Everyone Loves sharing their life on Social media. But at the cost of everyone's privacy. 

Social media (luxury vs privacy)

Sunday April 09, 2017,

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I turned 21 on 6th June. First thing in the morning, I checked my Facebook timeline. It was covered with Tinder ads. Only then did I realize my Facebook profile read "Single".

Once I liked an exposing pic of an actress in Instagram and my Insta explore page was bombed with her images ( 'Based on photos you like' - is the reason Instagram gives).

I watched an Item number in YouTube, that has made my entire Youtube home page look like a playlist for item numbers. That is so embarrassing if I try to open my YouTube in office.

That's the case with Twitter and Snapchat and any other media platforms!

In general, our timelines are filled with things we like, follow and engage with, that I can't oppose any of the articles which are appearing on my newsfeed. While there are so many upvotes for this feature, we ignore the basic fact. 

Humans have evolved to such an extent by agreeing to ideas that we initially disagree and Social media will not allow us to do that.

Many of us have started living with the Bi-personality disorder. Social media life and Real life. I can create a profile of mine with exactly opposite characters that I inherit and still make people believe that it's real! All I have to do is like some facebook pages, engage with it and comment on it.

All social media platforms have become an Ad-module and that too a close to perfect one. If someone shares they had their 'First kiss' today on Facebook(Such options are actually available on facebook), they are going to be bombed with sponsored contents from brands like Maybelline and Listerine(:P).

So, when we are so busy wanting to flaunt our achievements and life events on Facebook to our circle of friends, what we exactly end up doing is becoming close to perfect product for Facebook.

"When you can't find the product. Just know that you are the product. "

Still, we end up crying that we need privacy!

Privacy is long gone!

It is not a luxury that we can afford when we are active on such platforms.

When Facebook allow us to share the posts with so much privacy options, I wonder how people still buy that lie as we are getting exposed to Tens and Thousands of unknown brands!

Am I against social media? Absolutely not! But I have my own boundaries.

Will all these social media platforms get us a perfect life? Well, it's up to the person on how good they can use it.